9 years ago

Hewlett Packard East Africa Limited In Kenya

Hewlett Packard East Africa Limited is a computer stationery supplier in Kenya whose offices are located in Capital Hill Square on the 3rd Floor in Upper Hill. 

Hewlett Packard East Africa Limited postal address is P.O. Box 2969-00100 GPO Nairobi. The telephone contacts of Hewlett Packard main office in Kenya are +254-204960000 and fax +254-204960003.

The Hewlett Packard East Africa Limited website is at and Continue reading ...

9 years ago

Where To Sell Laptops In Nairobi Or Buy Second Hand Laptops In Nairobi City, Kenya

Due to the latest advancement in technology, everyone is in a rush to acquire advanced machines and gadgets in Kenya. These technologically advanced gadgets in Kenya that most people are buying nowadays include smartphones in Kenya, tablets in Kenya, iPads in Kenya, iPhones in Kenya and laptops in Kenya. These gadgets enable people to perform tasks easily and faster than if they were not present and the technological assist in many other difficult tasks. For example, when you buy a smartphone in Kenya, you can use the Google maps to get directions of places you  Continue reading ...