5 years ago

Factors Promoting Long Distance Relationships In Kenya

Many people are having long distances in the country and many reasons have forced them to be forced into the situation.The following are some of the major reasons as to why longdistance relationships in the country.


Many people are quiting their relationships to focus and concetrate on their careers.It is advisable by counsellors to go for occupations that make them find some time to have to spend with their partners.By finding time for your partner you make them feel hounoured and be cared for.It makes one feel appreciated and hence they make the relationship s  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

A New Application- SpyJoe Software To Catch A Cheating Partner

Spyjoe software is a new device which most Kenyans have started using to keep track of their partners. Spyjoe application is a phone monitoring software that reveals to you the whole truth. This software is meant to be installed in a phone for a partner who is likely to be deceiving. The menace of cheating and lying partners has resorted in squalid marriages and in most cases Kenyans seem to live in a place confined by lies. It is about time you disentangled yourself from the chain of lies. The Spyjoe application is simple to use. There are various steps to take. First you need to go to the  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

How To Get A Dating Partner In Kenya

There is a particular advert on our Kenyan television stations that has overtime caught my eye. “Dial *699*1# to get your partner”

If you are looking for love in Kenya, you will apparently get leads by dialling that number. Well I am not sure how the whole thing goes, but I guess they randomly match you up with someone who has texted their number to the same site, the catch being that the couple is not of the same sex- I think!

There are very many dating sites in Kenya, Kenyan Cupid being the most famous. This dating site in Kenya en  Continue reading ...