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For one to register a company in Kenya, one need to first write a letter to the registrar to reserve his or her desired name which may be accepted or rejected on the basis of either a similarly named business or offending the rules on name reservation. This may takes two to three days. If it is accepted the registrar will reserve the name for 30 days. Secondly, there is preparation of Memorandum and Article of Association and Statement of Nominal Capital. These documents are prepared by the advocate describing the objectives, rules, subscribers and authorized share capital   Continue reading ...

6 years ago

How And Where To Legally Resister Your Company In Kenya

Before you can be able to start trading and running business legally in Kenya, it is advisable to register your company.  Registering a company in Kenya, especially in Nairobi, is not tedious tasks unlike many people in Kenya are misled to think.  People might be wary of the long queues at the auditor general’s office at Sheria House in Nairobi, but that should not deter you from having your business registered.  The Auditor General’s office in Nairobi is in Sheria House near Treasury House in the city square. In that case, if you have been thinking about register  Continue reading ...