8 years ago

Causes and Solutions of Kenyan Poverty

Kenyan poverty is fueled by various factors: unemployment, rural to urban migration, corruption, child labor, tribalism, failing education system which doesn’t guarantee jobs or independency of the customer. The opportunities in the country are very few to satisfy every Kenyan citizen. This has left most Kenyans desperate and increase of idlers and others smoking themselves down with drugs. Kenya has a lot of unutilized opportunities and resources. Kenya has a population of 40% underage the bigger number of this percentage is below 15. One of the great resources Kenya is blessed with   Continue reading ...

9 years ago

Where To Enrol For Financial Courses In Nairobi, Kenya

Thousands of Kenyan youths all over the country are living in abject poverty. This is because most of the youths in Kenya are jobless and as such they are not able to fend for themselves…… some youths in Kenya are even not able to put food on the table every other day. This is an issue that the government of Kenya is still yet to resolve even after every incoming president promised to create jobs in Kenya for the Kenyan youths. The problem of unemployment in Kenya is an issue which we cannot just choose to roll under the carpet as such. It has to be acted on and acted on exped  Continue reading ...

9 years ago

How HIV/AIDS Disease Has Affected Kenya

HIV/AIDS still has a huge impact in Kenya, and it is still rated among the killer diseases in Kenya. Although a decrease in the mortality has been reported in many areas in Kenya, there is still death occurring due to HIV/AIDS disease. The recent discovery of antiretroviral therapy (ARVs) in Kenya has significantly reduced the number of people dying because of HIV/AIDS. Although this has happen, the disease still has consequences to both the HIV/AIDS infected and affected people in Kenya. The impacts of HIV/AIDS in the society in Kenya include;


There is a decrea  Continue reading ...