8 years ago

Roles Of Huduma Centres In Kenya

In its efforts to improve service delivery, the government of Kenya has set out to use Huduma Kenya as a platform for efficiency and orderliness for government institutions offering crucial services to the people. The first Huduma Centre was launched at Teleposta Towers to serve the people of Nairobi its initial functions include the following:

  •  Assessment and Payment of Stamp Duty

  • Community Policing

  • Duplicate National Identity Card

  • EACC Clearance Certificate

  • Issuance of Seasonal NCC  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

How to use MoneyGram Money transfer services and its benefits to Kenyans

Banking has become one of the critical aspects of life as there have been the emergence of theft which is of complicated mode. Most of the banking customers have been afraid to bank as they fear that their accounts would be hacked and lose their money. Those that bank ensure that they choose the most secure banks for the maximum security of their accounts and their money.

Advancement in technology has led to the emergence of other modes of banking such as online banking where you can bank money online and access their accounts anywhere anytime. Other banking institution have been es  Continue reading ...

9 years ago

How Lipa Na MPESA Service By Safaricom Company Works In Kenya

The boom in Kenyans pursuing private businesses cannot be ignored. Kenyans are very resourceful people. The resilience of Kenyans is well known all over the world when it comes to businesses. In this day and age, being employed is not guaranteed after one completes university or college in Kenya. Self-employment in Kenya is becoming the better option for many Kenyans. Safaricom company in Kenya knows this and has stepped up to help businesses in Kenya run more smoothly. The Lipa Na MPESA service provided by Safaricom in Kenya is one of the many brilliant innovations that Safaricom cont  Continue reading ...