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Yoga Centres In Nairobi, Kenya

Ayush Ayurveda & Yoga Centre in Nairobi is located in House 47 on Kyuna Crescent, Kitisuru. The postal address of Ayush Ayurveda & Yoga Centre in Parklands part of Nairobi is P.O. Box: 39712-00623, Parklands. The telephone contacts of Ayush Ayurveda & Yoga Centre in Nairobi are: 2091098, 3750050 and 3750070.

Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre in Kenya is located on 01 Maua Close, off Parklands Road in Westlands Nairobi, just Opposite Unga House. Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre website is at Continue reading ...

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Elegant Optics Shops In Nairobi

Elegant Optics in Nairobi is located on the Ground Floor of Sana Plaza in Parklands. The Elegant Optics shop in Parklands can be reached on telephone contact 3751544.

Elegant Optics in Nairobi also have offices on the ground floor of Bandari Plaza, just opposite the ABC Bank on Woodvale Grv. You can contact Elegant Optics via telephone contacts 4450799 and 4443541.

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Intel Wise Technologies In Kenya: Offering The Best Security Solutions In Nairobi

Security in Kenya is an important ingredient in everyone’s life today. We all need to feel secure wherever we live or do our businesses in Kenya. Home security in Kenya is of great essence in the modern day than the case was a couple of years ago. Perhaps this explains why many homeowners all across Kenya are seeking various ways through which they can ensure the security of their homes. Apart from erecting perimeter wall or natural-form fences in Kenya such as “kayaba” and cypress, the use of electronic and razor fences in Kenya has also been on the increase across the bo  Continue reading ...

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Where To Enjoy Chinese Cuisine In Nairobi, Kenya

Every now and then in Kenya, we like to imagine we are in Rome, and as such we want to do what the Romans do. In as much as trying out a fried snail is a tad too explorative, eating with chopsticks is a worth the while challenge to Kenyans. There are many hotels in Nairobi that offer the very best of Chinese cuisine. For those who would wish to take up the challenge and the thrill, here are a few leads on the best preferred hotels in Nairobi:

China Plate in Nairobi

China Plate in Kenya is probably the most famous Chinese restaurant in Nairobi city. China Plate hotel in Nai  Continue reading ...

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Where To Do Your Exquisite Furniture Shopping In Nairobi, Kenya

Do you want to achieve a complete makeover of your home in Kenya? Are you tired of having the same kind of furniture in every room of your house? Well, if that is the case, here is an opportunity for you to get unique and beautiful furniture for your house in Nairobi. If you want to buy unique furniture sets in Kenya today, there are many shops which you can turn to. Nairobi is home to some of the best furniture shops. At these furniture shops, you will find a wide range of furniture pieces which will definitely amaze you.

It does not matter whether you need furniture for your home,  Continue reading ...