9 years ago

High Commission Of The Republic Of Kenya In Nigeria

High Commission of the Republic of Kenya in Nigeria is located in Lagos on 52 Oyinkan Abayomi Drive. 

The postal address of the High Commission of Kenya in Nigeria is P.O. Box 6464, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. 

The telephone contact of the Embassy of Kenya in Nigeria is 000-234-1-2670221. The Fax details are 000-234-1-2670686. 

The email address of the High Commission of Kenya in Lagos is

Other Countries of Accreditation are: Benin, Sierra L  Continue reading ...

9 years ago

Most Popular Programs On Kenyan Television

Burning onions has become one of those cooking hitches that occur in many households in Kenya. “Why did you burn the food?” The most annoying thing about the whole issue is the answer to that question, “I was watching T.V”

Televisions programs in Kenya have become so captivating in the recent passed that we sort of tend to forget our responsibilities. Some people in Kenya get seated in front of that T.V set and literally get into a trance! You have to switch it off to get them off the couch or even have a simple conversation with them. That is how bad things   Continue reading ...

9 years ago

Kenyans To Enrol For Gas And Oil Production Courses In Kenya: Kenya Lacks Experts In Gas And Oil sector

The latest discovery of oil and gas explorations in Kenya has caught our country off guard. The lack of experts in the field of oil and gas exploration in Kenya has greatly been felt by the Kenyan economy. Kenya has resulted to hiring human resource from outside Kenya which constitutes a higher percentage of foreign staffs working in the gas and oil exploration companies in Kenya. Currently the Ghanaians (people from Ghana) and Nigerians are the ones that account for a high percentage of workers in the oil and gas sector in Kenya, because they have a lot of experience in thes  Continue reading ...