8 years ago

Contacts Of Kenya Yearbook Editorial Board In Nairobi

Kenya Yearbook Editorial Board in Nairobi is located in NHIF Building on the 4th Floor. 

The postal address of the Kenya Yearbook Editorial Board offices in Kenya is P.O. Box 34035-00100, Nairobi.

The telephone contacts of Kenya Yearbook Editorial Board are 0202715390 and 0711944538.

The website of Kenya Yearbook Editorial Board is at http://www.kenyayearbook.go.ke/.

The twitter handle of Kenya Yearbook Editorial Board is at @Kenyayearbook.

On Facebook, Kenya Yearbook E  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Tourism Fund Head Office In Nairobi

The Tourism Fund offices in Nairobi are located in NHIF Building in Community Area in Nairobi. The Tourism Fund Headoffices are on 5th floor of Car Park Towers on Ragati Road in UpperHill area in Nairobi. You get to Upper Hill via buses 7C picked from Kencom Bus Stage in Nairobi.

The Tourism Fund offices email address is complaints@tourismfund.co.ke. You could also contact Tourism Fund on their website at Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Banking Services Available In NHIF Building In Upper Hill Part Of Nairobi, Kenya

The NHIF Building in Community Area in Nairobi is a magnificent skyscraper located along Ragati Road, adjacent to Maji House in Upper Hill. The NHIF building in Kenya is owned by the National Hospital Insurance Fund State Parastatal. In addition to housing the NHIF offices in Kenya, there are several businesses and offices ran by independent occupiers in NHIF building in Nairobi.

The NHIF Nairobi branch offices, where residents can get various hospital insurance services, are located on the ground floor of the NHIF building in Upper Hill, adjacent to the car park entrance. Peop  Continue reading ...