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Contacts Of Embassy Of The Kingdom Of The Netherlands In Kenya

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kenya has offices located in Embassy House on Riverside Drive in Nairobi.

The postal address of Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kenya is P.O. Box41537-00100, Nairobi.

The email address of Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands offices in Nairobi is

Netherlands Embassy in Nairobi telephone contacts are 4288000, mobile contacts 0727594727 and 0734152726.

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Embassy Of The Republic Of Kenya In Netherlands

The Embassy of Kenya in Netherlands is located in The Hague. The Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in Netherlands is on Nieuwe Parklaan 21 on 2597 La The Hague. 

The telephone contact of the Kenya Embassy in The Hague is 000-31-70-3504215. The Fax details are 000-31-70-3504215.

The email address is Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in Netherlands is

Other countries of Accreditation are: Czech Republic, Slovakia

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Claims Of Bribery On The On Going Case Against Ruto and President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta In The ICC Court

Shock reined the ICC court when a witness on the case against the Deputy President of Kenya, Hon William Ruto, revealed that he had been bribed. The ICC witness 356 claimed that he had received 1.7 million Kenyan Shillings from USAID agents in Kenya to form a case against Ruto in ICC. During the cross examination session with the Deputy President of Kenya`s lawyer, Karim Khan, in ICC headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands the witness claimed to have been coached on what to say in court about the post election violence and contribution of Hon Ruto.

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How To Get An University Scholarship In Kenya

There are many students in Kenya who do exceptionally well in their secondary school examinations but lack the financial power to carry on with University education in Kenya, even for the rather affordable public universities. There are other Kenyans who have concluded their undergraduate studies in Kenya and wish to get sponsorship and funding for their masters or even doctorate studies within the country or abroad. There are very many channels to acquire a scholarship here in Kenya. Most of the public universities in Kenya give scholarships to their students who acquire first class honors  Continue reading ...