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Courses Offered At Narok University College

Narok university is a private university in kenya and  invites qualified candidates to pursue Certificate, Diploma and Degree programs. The Diploma and Certificate programs commence in the month of May and Degree programs commence in the month of September. The University is a constituent of Moi University.

School of Science

  • Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), the applicant must have a minimum of C+ in KCSE and at least C+ in Mathematics, physics or physical sciences, the mode of study is full time.

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The Best High School In Narok


It is situated on the left side of Narok-Mahi-mahiu road in Rift Valley Kenya. It is purely a girl’s school. It has two streams per each form with a maximum number of students of 50 per stream. It has been the best school in the entire Narok region. It has registered good K.C.S.E results over the past years. It has a well trained teachers and good management. There is high security within the school that enables the students to study well in a conducive environment. It offers best and healthy meals to its staffs and the students.  Continue reading ...

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Best Shopping Places In Narok Town


It is situated on the western upper side of Narok town in Rift Valley Kenya. It is situated directly opposite the main bus stations. It is the biggest supermarket in Kericho town. It has two floors that are the ground floor and the first floor and second floor. It has all the house materials with all the needed luxuries. It has the best services from its customers. It also has the packing stage for its customers. It has the best security with CCTV monitoring all round the supermarket.


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Best Hotels In Narok Town


It is situated at entrance to Narok town in Rift Valley Kenya. It is on the left side on Bomet-Narok highway. It is the biggest restaurant in the county of Narok. It has a swimming pool, recreation facilities (kid’s toys and picnic place) and a meeting hall and the best bathrooms and toilet rooms within the Hotel compound. It offers services like free photography. It has fully furnished accommodation. It is the most cleanest and has good and quality services from its attendants with a high and best security. It was ranked the best in the c  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of Narok County Government Offices In Kenya

Narok County Government Headquarters in Kenya are located in Narok Town.

The postal address of Narok County offices is P.O. Box 898-20500, Narok.

Helpline/Office : 020 268 8929/30
COVID-19 : 0700 320 775
Ambulance: 0708 307 139
Fire: 0800 722 984

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Entry Charges To Nyahururu Thomsons Falls In Nyahururu Town, Kenya

Thomsons falls in Kenya is a tourist attraction site found in Nyahururu town in Kenya. Nyahururu town is approximately 240 km from Nairobi city of Kenya. Nyahururu Town in Kenya is found in Laikipia County in Kenya. Nyahururu is the highest town in Kenya at about 2360 m above sea level and it is near the Equator. Thomsons Falls in Nyahururu town is located on Nyahururu-Nyeri High way, just 2km from Nyahururu Town in Kenya. To get to Nyahururu Thomsons falls in Nyahururu from Nyahururu town, you can walk a distance of about 1km or you can board a taxi to the falls in Nyahururu that are   Continue reading ...

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Location Of Maasai Mara University In Kenya

The Maasai Mara University in Kenya is one of the most recent universities to receive university standard in Kenya. Formerly, the Maasai Mara University in Kenya was a constituent college of Moi University in Kenya. The Maasai Mara University was formerly known as Narok University College in Kenya. The Narok University College was a constituent college of Moi University in Kenya since 2008, and was granted a charter on February 2013. Before being a constituent college of Moi University, the Narok University College institution served as a teacher  Continue reading ...

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Where To Board Matatu And Book Enchoro Wildlife Camp Tours To Maasai Mara National Reserve In Nairobi, Kenya

Maasai Mara National reserve is located 270 km away from Nairobi and tourists- both domestic and international tourists visit this major site in Kenya. The tourist and Kenyans, who want to get to Maasai Mara National Reserve from Nairobi, should go to Nyamakima stage in Nairobi and board a matatu or a shuttle bus to Narok. Nyamakima stage in Nairobi is off River Road in Nairobi. Narok is around 150km away from Nairobi city in Kenya. Once you get to Narok Town in Kenya, make your way to the main stage and board a matatu or a shuttle bus to Oloolaimutia, which is a 2 hours drive to Oloolaimut  Continue reading ...

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Kerio Valley National Reserve In Kenya: A Major Tourist Destination In Eldoret

One of the most renowned tourist attractions within the greater Rift Valley in Kenya is the Kerio Valley. Kerio Valley in Kenya is located in Iten, approximately 30 kilometers from Eldoret town. Kerio Valley tourist attraction site is between the Tugen Hills in Eldoret and the Elgeyo escarpment in Kenya. Eldoret town in Kenya is approximately 6 hours drive from Nairobi city. The Kerio Valley is located at an altitude of at least 1000m above sea level.

Kerio Valley in Kenya is approximately 80 km wide and 10 km wide at its broadest. The floor of the Kerio Valley is covered by dry tho  Continue reading ...

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Maasai Mara National Reserve Is A Place To Visit In Kenya

Kenya is an attraction to many outside countries and to Kenyans themselves. Kenya has many breath taking sites, naming one of them, Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. Majority of people in Kenya like adventures but the problem is that not all people are well off in terms of finances. Some other Kenyans are born in places where the only animals they can see are cats, dogs, cattle, goats or sheep! For those Kenyans who are financially stable and would like to spend there one or two days in exploring Kenya, Maasai Mara is a place to visit.

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