9 years ago

Central Depository & Settlement Corporation Limited (CDSC) In Kenya

Central Depository & Settlement Corporation Limited in Kenya provides clearing services, delivery services and settlement services for securities traded in Nairobi Stock Exchange in Kenya.

Central Depository & Settlement Corporation Limited is located on 10th Floor of Nation Centre on Kimathi Street. Central Depository & Settlement Corporation Limited postal address is P.O. Box 3464-00100, Nairobi.

The telephone contacts of CDSC are 2912000, 2229407, 2229406, 2229408, 2229421, 2229426, 2224067, 2224073 and 2224095. The mobile contacts of&  Continue reading ...

9 years ago

Capital Markets Authority In Kenya

Capital Markets Authority in Kenya has offices located in Embankment Plaza on the 3rd Floor. Capital Markets Authority offices are on Longonot Road, off Kilimanjaro Avenue in Upper Hill. 

Capital Markets Authority (CMA) in Nairobi can be reached on P.O Box 74800-0200, Nairobi or via email address at The CMA telephone contacts are (020)2264900, (020)2611464, mobile contacts 0722207767 and 0775516828. Capital Markets Authority website is at Continue reading ...

9 years ago

Women Making It In Kenya; Women Are Getting The Dream Jobs

A lot has been going on in Kenya. One would think that clearing school in Kenya would be your gateway to freedom, success and happiness. No one told me I would spend sleepless nights trying to find myself a financial position in a firm in Nairobi. My life was very well planned out in theory…I would come to a campus in Kenya and score A’s in all my exams. I thought that after school I would directly secure a job as a financial consultant in Kenya. I didn’t think about the interim. I am stuck in a grey area. I don’t know if I was bui  Continue reading ...

9 years ago

A Comparison Of Major Supermarkets In Kenya

Kenya has countless supermarkets spread all over the country. This is bearing in mind that we only know the famous ones. Do these supermarkets in Kenya all serve their purpose? The famous supermarkets range from Naivas, Nakumatt, Turskys, Ukwala, Uchumi and many others. These supermarkets have branches all over the country especially in the major towns.

Uchumi supermarket in Kenya has undergone a lot of challenges. Bad times befell it which saw to its closure for a while. During Uchumis absence, its main Competitor Nakumatt grew in bounds. Funny, one of its major shareholders is a p  Continue reading ...