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Rules and regulations of Nairobi City Council

Nairobi City Council has rules which ensure smooth running of the city in kenya; anyone found violating the city council law is fined. Some of the bylaws of the Nairobi city council include; making noise in the public which cause destruction and nuisance, construction or destruction which can poses risk to the citizens, inadequate fencing of the land which causes risk or leaving things on the ground which may cause harm to human.

Blocking a free passage or destroying Public Street willfully, misuse of councils property, cutting tree(s) without a councils permit is an offence, playin  Continue reading ...

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Fire Emergency Telephone Contacts In Kenya

Fire Station in Kenya .......... 112/999

Nairobi City Council Fire Emergency ....... 2222181

G4S Fire Services in Kenya ................... 6982999/6982013/21

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Where To Obtain A Medical Certificate Of Good Health In Nairobi, Kenya

The hospitality industry in Kenya is a broad class of grouping that includes the service industry, lodgings, hotels and restaurants, occasions and events planning, transportation and other fields within the tourism industry in Kenya. The hospitality unit consists of several sets of people such as the management, servers and housekeepers, kitchen workers and bar attendants, marketing and facility maintenance team in Kenya who come in contact with many people. Hence, many businesses in the hospitality industry endeavor to keep relevant by ensuring they provide quality services to their client  Continue reading ...

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Where To Pay For Water Services Within Nairobi City In Kenya

A while back, the Water and Sewerage department of the Nairobi City Council in Kenya had been charged with the responsibility of providing the residents of the Nairobi city with water. However, with the enactment of the Water Act of 2002 in Kenya, the Nairobi Water Company came into being.

The Water Act in Kenya created new institutions to manage the water resources all over Kenya. The Nairobi water company in Kenya has been licensed by the Athi Water Service Board to provide water and sewerage services in Kenya to the residents of Nairobi and its environs. The Nairobi Water company  Continue reading ...