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Amazing Facts About Kenya\'s Mount Kenya

One strange fact is that the word Kenya that denotes this beautiful country actually derives its roots from the name Mount Kenya. Mount Kenya is also the second tallest mountain in Africa, second after Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Mount Kenya is seventeen thousand and fifty seven feet tall.

All the peaks on Mount Kenya were formed as a result of volcanic eruptions dating over two million years ago when the mountain was active. Presently, the mountain is dead with regards to volcanic activity. The mountain is formed from different types of rocks.

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kenya Wild Life Picnic and Camping Sites

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) gives foreign tourists and local residents a chance to enjoy a night under the sky filled with bright, twinkling stars and a rare chilliness of the morning dew in its parks, in an exciting experience of adventure. The following are areas where people get to enjoy KWS's service in the wild for absolute excitement, luxury and comfort:

KWS offers all important facilities including shelter, latrines and water. There are also expansive green fields for sporting activities of all kinds. To obtain sufficient information regarding booking and services, respe  Continue reading ...

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Programmes Offered At Mount Kenya University Department Of Accounting And Finance

Education has gone to another level especially in the current Kenya where even the elderly have gone back to school and embrace the new modes of studying. Education in the higher institutions have been modified to ensure that after the graduates have completed their studies, they can be able to apply the skills they acquired in college to the real life situation.

Mount Kenya University has therefore been developed since the recent past to accommodate the ever growing number of students who wish to study the different programmes that they offer in their different departments from dif  Continue reading ...

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Top Tourist Attraction Sites In Kenya

Kenya is a country of extreme dramatics and classic contracts, deserts and the alpine snows, forests and open plains, fresh water lakes and coral reefs and salty lakes. For decades ago, wildlife safaris have been the major tourists’ attraction sites in Kenya while other sites include Malindi, Masai Mara and trekking Mount Kenya.


Despite its proximity to the city and its relative small size, it boasts a large and varied wildlife population. Zebra gathering and the migration of the wildebeest during the dry seasons, summer seasons. Importantly, i  Continue reading ...

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How To Apply for Scholarships (2014-2015Academic Year) in Mount Kenya University (MKU).


Mount Kenya University (MKU) is a private university in kenya and it is one of the universities that have been accredited to offer courses from certificate to doctor of philosophy level by commission of higher education. Its main campus (MKU) is located along Gen Kago road in Thika town.

This university (MKU) has grown so tremendously and now has established campuses in majority of towns in Kenya such as Eldoret, Nakuru, Kakamega, Kitale, Lodwar and many other towns. Mount Kenya university has commitment in promoting access of higher education to many  Continue reading ...

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Courses Offered At Mount Kenya University Department of Dental Sciences

Mount Kenya University prides itself in serving the African community and enabling its social and economic development. One way it does this is by ensuring that its students are well equipped with the necessary knowledge to meet the needs of the society. Each department at Mount Kenya University focuses on creating unlimited opportunities for students. The Department of Dental Sciences is one such department. It focuses on enabling students to become employers and entrepreneurs in fields related to oral health care. The department of Dental Sciences offers courses such as:

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Courses Offered At Mount Kenya University Department Of Hospitality And Tourism Management

In 2004, Mount Kenya University established the department of Hospitality and Tourism. Since then, the department has transformed to cater to a huge number of students. Two training restaurants and two demonstration kitchens ensure that students gain the practical knowledge needed to become fully skilled in their respective careers. The department offers post graduate courses, undergraduate courses, diploma courses and certificate courses. These are:

Masters of Science in Hospitality Management

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Mount Kenya University School of Medical laboratory Sciences admission Criteria

Established in 1996 Chartered in 2011 by the commission of higher education, Mount Kenya University, is a university in Kenya that offers a bachelor of degree in medical laboratory sciences. With the availability of well equipped labs and technicians, students are assured of having the best training at an affordable price. The students are trained under various departments, like;

  • Medical laboratory
  • Aspects of pharmacy
  • Biotechnology
  • Investigative medicine

Admission criteria

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Admission Requirements for Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics in Mount Kenya University

Nutrition and Dietetics is one of the departments in Mount Kenya University which offer the programmes: Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, a diploma in Clinical and Community Nutrition and a certificate in Clinical and Community Nutrition. This department was created due to the high incidence and prevalence of preventable diseases, the emergence of new diseases, food insecurity and the need for proper nutrition which led to high demand of the training institution to offer nutrition related courses.

This department therefore opt to offer the courses named above through b  Continue reading ...

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Undergraduate Courses Offered At Mount Kenya University School Of Business And Public Management

Due to the changing times in how education is accessed by various individuals, Mount Kenya University has different modes of study. Students can pursue fulltime study, part-time study or distant learning and school based programmes. The School of Business and Public Management offers various degree courses.

Bachelor of Airline and Travel Management

Mount Kenya University offers Bachelor of Airline and Travel Management to individuals with the following qualifications: individuals who have obtained at least a KCSE mean grade of C+ (plus). Those who have obt  Continue reading ...