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ECampus programmes Offered At Maseno University

Programmes at the eCampus are primarily offered through eLearning.Students access their course material,course activities and continuous assessment tests online.However the students are required to sit end-of-semester examinations at designated centres in Nairobi,Mombasa,Kisumu and Eldoret.The introduction of ecampus programmes in Maseno University has easened the learning of those students that study at the same working and also distant learners since they do not need to be physically available in the lecture rooms but only learn through the internet wherever they are and at any time of th  Continue reading ...

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Top Public And Private Univesities In Kenya

Kenya is one of the countries that strive to achieve quality education. Many learning institutions have been built strategically for this reason. Lately, a lot of universities have come up creating a healthy completion. There are top ten universities that include.

Kenyatta University

It was established in 1965 and is ranked the second best in the country. It is located in Kahawa wendani which is a strategic place since it is close to the city. It is well known for its remarkable performance.

University of Nairobi

It is ranked the best so far. The universi  Continue reading ...

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Open and Distant Learning-The eCampus of Maseno University


The world is rapidly growing in technology and communication sector from analog to digitalized world.Maseno University has realized the technological advancement and is indeed in the lead of pioneering the use of modern technologies to not only realize equitable access to higher education through eLearning but also improve the quality of educational experience to its learners.The eCampus of Maseno university is one of the latest innovations made by Maseno University and was launched in September 2011 to facilitate online delivery of high quality certificate,d  Continue reading ...

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Maseno University School of Public Health and Community development


Maseno University quickly realized the niche created in public health and community development nexus due to explosion in information,advanced technology and the increased movement of people and culture and took a step forward to establish the School of Public Health and Community Development (SPHCD)to address the obtaining problems and challenges for the Great Lakes region and beyond under the leadership of Dean of the School of Public Health and Community Development Prof.Rosebella Onyango.On completion,the graduate of the school of Public Health and Commun  Continue reading ...

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Diploma courses offered at Maseno University


   Maseno university is determined and committed to provide quality education to all groups of candidates not only those who pass well in their KCSE and qualify for degree courses but also cater for the other students who are interested in carrying on their higher education but have not qualified the entry requirements for the degree courses by offering diploma courses which may finally usher the students to undertake degree courses in the related courses.The minimum entry requirement for diploma courses in Maseno University is C plain in Kenya Certificate of Second  Continue reading ...

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Maseno University School of Medicine and Surgery

 Maseno University(MSU) is a public university located in Western Kenya.Its the only university in Kenya whereby every student no matter what course he/she is undertaking is guaranteed to graduate along with Information Technology(IT).Maseno university consists of several schools one of being School of Medicine and Surgery.The School of Medicine and Surgery was established in 2009 with the founder being Prof.Nimrod Bwibo and its currently offering Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery(MBChB) with Information Technology which is a trisemester course.The school(faculty) of me  Continue reading ...

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maseno university bachelor of science in pharmaceutical sciences

Maseno University Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences with IT

     Maseno university,a public university is one of the universities offering degree course in pharmaceutical sciences in Kenya.This degree course is offered in the department of Biomedical Sciences and technology in the school of Public health and community development and its advantage added because its offered along with Information Technology(IT).Initially it was offered as combined course with other biomedical sciences i.e medical biotechnology and medical laboratory  Continue reading ...

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Masters And Bachelors Programs Offered at Maseno University Nairobi Center.


After being chartered as a  kenya public university  by the act of parliament, Maseno University became operational in the year 2001.The main campuses of this university are at Maseno, approximately 25 kilometers from Kisumu city.

Maseno University Nairobi Center is mandated to provide quality education with the aim of maintaining the university objectives of quality education provision that stimulates participation of staffs and students in scientific, social, technical and economic development of Kenya.


Ba  Continue reading ...

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Medical Laboratory Sciences with IT course offered at kenya public university Maseno,that allows graduates to acquire skills and experience that enable them work in medical and research laboratories. Both diploma and degree in medical laboratory sciences are offered at Maseno University. The degree program is offered at Siriba main campus whereas diploma program is offered at City campus Kisumu.

Maseno University is a public university in kenya which is fully accredited by the   Continue reading ...

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Former Safaricom CEO Now A Vice Chancellor Of Maseno University In Kenya

Maseno University in Kenya is now under a new vice chancellor, Michael Joseph, former Safaricom Boss. Michael Joseph was recently appointed by the president of Kenya, Hon Uhuru Kenyatta to be the vice chancellor of Maseno University for the next 5 years. Michael Joseph is known for his leadership skills in Safaricom and enabling the mobile company in Kenya to be on top. The new Vice Chancellor of Maseno University holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from South Africa.

The appointment of Michael Joseph takes effect as from this January 2014. Maseno University  Continue reading ...