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Reasons For Failure of Marriages in Kenya

The marriage institution in the country is continually failing and experiencing a lot of hardships and difficulty as many people are seeking divorce and end up staying as single parents. Experts have tried to find out the main problems affecting the institution of marriage in the country.


Many couples have the problem of not being true to their partners and the problem is making them increase the level of disagreements in the country. It has been discovered that many people that enter into the union fall back and start having affairs outside the marriage wit  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Women Problems in Kenya


Many girls in Kenya are experiencing a lot of hardships when it comes to having better lives and fulfilling their dreams and reaching their goals in life. It has come to the realization that the Kenyan girl is facing a lot of challenges that need to be addressed before they continue growing to levels that cannot be controlled. The following problems have been the most persistent in the life of young girls in Kenya.


Many cultures are still practicing the hugely condemned vice. It has come to the realization that many communities subject their girls to th  Continue reading ...

9 years ago

Contacts Of National Council For Law Reporting In Kenya

National Council For Law Reporting offices in Kenya are located in Nairobi.

The postal address of National Council For Law Reporting offices is P.O. Box 30420, Nairobi.

The telephone contacts of National Council For Law Reporting are 0202716727 and 0202719231.

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Contacts Of Kenya Law Reform Commission (KLRC) Offices In Nairobi

Kenya Law Reform Commission (KLRC) offices are located in Re-Insurance Plaza on the 3rd Floor found on Taifa Road in Nairobi.

The postal address of Kenya Law Reform Commission is P.O. Box34999-00100, Nairobi.

The telephone and mobile contacts of Kenya Law Reform Commission offices in Kenya are 0202241201 and 0736333533.

The Kenya Law Reform Commission website is at

The facebook page of Law Reform Commission of Kenya is at Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of Huduma Kenya Secretariat Office

Huduma Kenya Secretariat is a service in Kenya which will avail getting birth certificates, passport registration for business names in Kenya, marriage certificates, National ID application, police abstract and getting driver`s license in Kenya in one place.

Huduma Kenya Secretariat is a Ministry of Devolution and Planning in Kenya. Huduma Kenya Secretariat offices are located in Harambee House on Harambee Avenue in Nairobi.

The postal address of Huduma Kenya Secretariat is P.O. Box 35010-00100, Nairobi.

The email address of Huduma Kenya Secretariat is  Continue reading ...

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The Best Hotels As Wedding Venues In Nairobi, Kenya

A wedding in Kenya is a celebration where couples are uniting in a marriage. The modern wedding in Kenya involves exchange of the ring by couples in public, under an authority of a pastor or a leader in Kenya. It is the wish of every Kenyan to have a better and successful wedding events in Kenya. This means that a wedding needs planning and ideas especially when dealing with purchasing of wedding dresses, designing invitation cards, identifying a better venue and the entire budget of the wedding in Kenya. Nairobi city is the best place you can conduct your wedding since it has the best hote  Continue reading ...

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How Female Genital Mutilation(FGM) Posses A Health Risk To Women In Kenya

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Kenya is also known as female circumcision. Female Circumcision is a rare practice in Kenya, though in cases like Kisii in Kenya, it is still practiced. It is estimated that about 130 million girls are currently living with the effects of FGM. A further two million girls are at a risk of the practice. Societies that practice FGM in Kenya believe that it is an initiation into adulthood and prevents the woman from becoming promiscuous.

There are four types of operations involved in FGM in Kenya; Circumcision, which involves cutting of the prepuces or  Continue reading ...

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How To Catch A Lying Partner In Kenya

Infidelity in Kenya\'s marriages today is one of the causes of most marital break ups. Both Kenyan men and women engage in this act in equal measure. HIV infections in Kenya have been attributed to cheating and more so amongst married couples. Cheating amongst dating people in Kenya is just as prevalent. There are a few eyebrow raisers that you should be keen on so as to know if there is a likelihood of a cheating partner.

The phone

This is one of the easiest ways to catch a cheating Kenyan partner. It is not advisable to go through your partners call logs and text message  Continue reading ...

9 years ago

A New Application- SpyJoe Software To Catch A Cheating Partner

Spyjoe software is a new device which most Kenyans have started using to keep track of their partners. Spyjoe application is a phone monitoring software that reveals to you the whole truth. This software is meant to be installed in a phone for a partner who is likely to be deceiving. The menace of cheating and lying partners has resorted in squalid marriages and in most cases Kenyans seem to live in a place confined by lies. It is about time you disentangled yourself from the chain of lies. The Spyjoe application is simple to use. There are various steps to take. First you need to go to the  Continue reading ...

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How To Get A Dating Partner In Kenya

There is a particular advert on our Kenyan television stations that has overtime caught my eye. “Dial *699*1# to get your partner”

If you are looking for love in Kenya, you will apparently get leads by dialling that number. Well I am not sure how the whole thing goes, but I guess they randomly match you up with someone who has texted their number to the same site, the catch being that the couple is not of the same sex- I think!

There are very many dating sites in Kenya, Kenyan Cupid being the most famous. This dating site in Kenya en  Continue reading ...