9 years ago

Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA) In Nairobi

Retirement Benefits Authority in Kenya has offices located on the 13th Floor of Rahimtulla Tower in Nairobi. RBA offices in Nairobi are on Upper Hill Road, opposite UK High Commission in Kenya. 

Retirement Benefits Authority can be contacted on (020)2809000 or Toll free number 0800720300 (Safaricom Network).

Retirement Benefits Authority is online on their website at and can be contacted via email on

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9 years ago

Retirement Benefit Authority: Just What Kenyans Need To Save For Retirement

Before the dawning of the Retirement Benefits Act in Kenya, many organizations and companies in Kenya got away with conning hardworking Kenyans. Pension plans in Kenya were not regulated, and sponsors in Kenya kept poor records of scheme members’ funds. Various schemes in Kenya adopted different styles of operation, and this wrecked havoc as the beneficiaries were marginalized. The result of a deregulated saving industry was poor management of finances and poor record keeping in Kenya. Cases of Kenyans who expected to receive their pension being told there was no money became the news  Continue reading ...

9 years ago

How To Manage Finance As A Student In Kenya

Management of finance is the primary challenge that students face in Kenya universities. Majority of them end up misusing the money, and some of them accumulate debts given by other students. Somehow, it depends on the family background of students in Kenya since those who come from a rich families do not have a problem with over-spending money since they are supplied with it when they are ‘broke,’ unlike those who come from poor families that try to survive. My advice to the students in the universities in Kenya is that, they should   Continue reading ...