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Services Offered By Murang’a University College Library

In the universities or in any institution of learning, the library is one of the major resource center that should be available for the services of all the students, learners and teaching staff in that particular institution. Many learners will use the library in trying to research on different type of educative materials, resources and all other types of study that they may want to conduct in the library. The library should therefore be equipped by all the materials that the learners need from books of different subjects and levels, various research tools and equipment as well as other mat  Continue reading ...

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Courses Offered At The Technical University Of Kenya School Of Information And Communication Studies

Naturally social beings, humans find numerous ways in which to communicate with each other. The ever evolving systems of communication change the way in which information is shared and distributed. Information and communication studies enable individuals to learn the latest the world has to offer in terms of communication. The Technical University of Kenya offers several courses under the School of Information and Communication Studies. These are:

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

The Technical University of Kenya offers Bachelor of Science in   Continue reading ...

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Diploma Courses Offered At Egerton University

In 1939, Lord Maurice Egerton, a British national who had settled in Kenya founded a Farm School that was later to become Egerton University. In 1950, the then Egerton Agricultural College started offering various diploma programmes. In 1987, Egerton Agricultural College was upgraded to Egerton University. Since then Egerton University has expanded to encompass several campuses and colleges. Although it now offers Degree courses, Egerton University still offers various Diploma courses. These are:

Diploma in Animal Health

Animal health is paramount especia  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of DayStar University In Kenya

Daystar University Athi River Campus in Kenya can be contacted on the postal address P. O. Box 17-90145 Daystar University. The Daystar University Admissions Office in Athi River Campus can be contacted on email address

The Cooperate Affairs Office in DayStar University Athi River Campus can be contcated on email address The mobile and telephone contacts of DayStar University Cooperate Affairs Office A  Continue reading ...

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University Of Nairobi Library: Services Offered By Jomo Kenyatta Memorial Library In Kenya

Jomo Kenyatta Memorial Library (JKML) in Kenya, is a magnificent immense library built in 1980’s as an expansion project necessitated by the rapid growth of the predecessor library in Kenya- The Gandhi Memorial Library in Kenya. Jomo Kenyatta Memorial Library in Kenya is located in University of Nairobi main campus in Kenya. University of Nairobi is a public university in Kenya which was established in 1970’s. University of Nairobi is located at the heart of Nairobi, Kenya capital city on University Way. Jomo Kenyatta Memorial Library (JKML) in Kenya caters for both college of h  Continue reading ...

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Kenyatta University Post Modern Library In Kenya

Kenyatta University Post Modern Library is the Largest library in Kenya, East Africa and in the top ten list in Africa. Kenyatta University is located a few kilometres from Nairobi on the Thika Superhighway past Githurai and Kahawa. To get to Kenyatta University along Thika Road in Nairobi, you board matatus found along Ronald Ngala Street in Nairobi, next to Turskys Magic supermarket. The Kenyatta University library building in outskirts of Nairobi was completed in late 2012. Kenyatta University Library has six floors with each floor serving a different department. The following are the gr  Continue reading ...

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Kenya National Library Service Website: eResources Available For Students In Kenya

Every year, thousands of Kenyans attend evening classes in an attempt to achieve intellectual fulfilment and to gain the needed qualification papers in Kenya that will lead to a job promotion. Evening classes in Kenya usually take one to three hours. Individuals who attend these evening classes in Kenya are usually goal oriented people who know what they want. This makes the classes intense and before you know it, the hour is up and you start rushing home. The advantages of taking a class in Kenya are clear, however, there is one thing that can make the classes more beneficial. This is the   Continue reading ...