9 years ago

University Of Nairobi Library: Services Offered By Jomo Kenyatta Memorial Library In Kenya

Jomo Kenyatta Memorial Library (JKML) in Kenya, is a magnificent immense library built in 1980’s as an expansion project necessitated by the rapid growth of the predecessor library in Kenya- The Gandhi Memorial Library in Kenya. Jomo Kenyatta Memorial Library in Kenya is located in University of Nairobi main campus in Kenya. University of Nairobi is a public university in Kenya which was established in 1970’s. University of Nairobi is located at the heart of Nairobi, Kenya capital city on University Way. Jomo Kenyatta Memorial Library (JKML) in Kenya caters for both college of h  Continue reading ...

9 years ago

Kenya National Library Service Website: eResources Available For Students In Kenya

Every year, thousands of Kenyans attend evening classes in an attempt to achieve intellectual fulfilment and to gain the needed qualification papers in Kenya that will lead to a job promotion. Evening classes in Kenya usually take one to three hours. Individuals who attend these evening classes in Kenya are usually goal oriented people who know what they want. This makes the classes intense and before you know it, the hour is up and you start rushing home. The advantages of taking a class in Kenya are clear, however, there is one thing that can make the classes more beneficial. This is the   Continue reading ...