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Departments In the Kenya Revenue Authority

The Body was established in 1955 and is responsible for managing the nation’s income. The nation’s income is managed through the collection of taxes. It is not as simple as that since it involves five departments to make it successful. The body is operating in five regions in the country which include Central, Western, Rift Valley, Southern and Northern regions. It’s headquarter is in Nairobi. The departments are;

Domestic taxes department

It is consists of two divisions the income tax and the value added tax. The VAT replaced the sales taxes in 1990 to i  Continue reading ...

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Purposes of Taxation in Kenya

The government came up with the body of Kenya revenue authority to collect taxes from its people. Taxes play crucial roles in helping in the development of various governments sponsored projects for better performance. Several reasons make it important for taxation to be conducted in the country and the following are some of the major reasons.

Raising revenue

The mount collected from people can be used to maintain the level of peace and security of Kenya and also the social welfare of people. It is important that taxes be collected from people so as to have ways of improvi  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of Office Of The Controller Of Budget In Kenya

Office of the Controller of Budget in Kenya is located in Bima House on the 12th Floor found on Harambee Avenue in Nairobi.

The postal address of Office of the Controller of Budget in Nairobi is P.O. Box 35616-00100, Nairobi.

The email address of Office of the Controller of Budget is

The telephone contacts of Office of the Controller of Budget are +254 020 2211068.

The website of Office of the Controller of Budget in Kenya is at

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Contacts Of Kenya Ports Authority Offices In Mombasa

Kenya Ports Authority is located in Mombasa part of Kenya. The postal address of Kenya Ports Authority offices is P.O. Box 95009-80104, Mombasa.

The email address of Kenya Ports Authority is

The telephone contacts of Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) in Mombasa are (041) 2112999 / 2113999, 0722 208674, 0720 202424 / 202525, 0722 208661/2/3/4/5/7/8/9, 0734221211, 0720 312211 and 0735 337941-6. 

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Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Offices In Nairobi

Kenya Revenue Authority offices in Nairobi are located in Times Tower along Haile Selassie Avenue. The contact details of Kenya Revenue Authority in Nairobi include email address and telephone numbers (020) 2810000 and (020) 4999999. 

The postal contact of KRA office in Kenya isP.O Box 48240-00100, Nairobi. You can find KRA online services at their website at

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How To Buy Goods On Credit In Kenya: AFB Retails Credit Cards Usage In Kenya

Most supermarkets in Kenya can now enable Kenyans to buy goods on loan in Kenya. Loans in Kenya come in handy when you need emergency funds in Kenya, and that is what AFB credit card in Kenya are meant for. You are given a period of time to repay the amount of loan you take via doing shopping with an AFB card in Kenya.

AFB credit cards in Kenya are a product of African Business Finance Company which invested Ksh 250 million in Kenya in April 2013. African Business Finance (AFB) is a Mauritius-based firm which has enabled Kenyans to get access to buying goods loans in Kenya. African   Continue reading ...

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The Kenya Revenue Authority Offices In Nairobi

The Kenya Revenue Authority is an agency mandated by the government of Kenya to collect custom duty in Kenya as well as domestic taxes within Kenya. KRA in Kenya uses an integrated tax management system to provide effective and efficient services to Kenya taxpayers. The integrated tax management system used by Kenya Revenue Authority usually gives a single view of all tax payers’ details as well as the tax payment they are obligated to. The integrated tax management system was introduced in Kenya after the introduction of the domestic   Continue reading ...

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How To Register For KRA PIN And Getting A KRA Certificate In Kenya

The Kenya Revenue Authority (K.R.A) is the tax collection agency of Kenya which performs on behalf of the Government of Kenya. Kenya Revenue Authority in Kenya collects a number of taxes and duties, including: income tax, value added tax and customs.

In order to be able to carry out various transactions in Kenya such as business banking, investments, land transactions, employment, applying for HELB loan among others, one needs to have the Kenya Revenue Personal Identification Number.

How to get a KRA PIN in Kenya

The question you might be asking yourself is how you  Continue reading ...