3 years ago

The most Popular Plastic Products and Plastic Packages Manufacturers in Kenya

Households in Kenya generally use plastic products. The major household equipment include the general utensils such as plastic cups, plates and many more. The other equipment include basins, baskets, buckets and others which are made of plastic. All these products are manufactured in various industries which then supply these products through the Kenyan market.

These companies and manufacturers ensure that they produce quality products to their customers. Below are the major plastic manufacturers in Kenya;

Kenpoly Manufacturers limited

This is one of the leading ma  Continue reading ...

4 years ago

Where To Purchase Kenpoly Plastic Products In Nairobi, Kenya

The use of products made from plastics is an aspect that has been gaining popularity in Kenya at a fast pace. Right from furniture, household goods, kids’ items, crates, poultry houses and industrial products, it almost seems like a larger percentage of what we have around us is made using plastics in Kenya. This is apparently the state of affairs in Kenya today and things don’t seem to change any time soon.

There is one plastics manufacturer in Kenya making headlines.  Much as competitors in plastic manufacturing in Kenya do exist, Kenpoly in Kenya has always been   Continue reading ...