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How to register with Kenya Bureau of standards (KEBS)

Kenya Bureau of standards provides lab testing, training and metrological skills, all the goods and services commercialized in Kenyan market should have a mark of quality from Kenya Bureau of standards to prevent consumer exploitation, Kenya Bureau of standards ensures that the raw materials and the final products are tested. This ensures that the products are safe for consumption regionally and internationally.

Application can be done online by filling the forms attached in their website, there are different types of forms according to the need of the client, there is a diamond mar  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of Kenya Bureau of Standards (KBS) Offices In Kenya

Kenya Bureau of Standards (KBS) Offices postal address is P.O. Box 54974-00200, Nairobi.

The Kenya Bureau of Standards email address is

The telephone contacts of Kenya Bureau of Standards (KBS) Offices in Nairobi are (020)6948000, 0722202137 and 0734600471.

The website of Kenya Bureau of Standards is at

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