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CISCO Networking Systems Centers In Kenya

CISCO Networking Systems is an international organization that offers training and certification in computer netwroking. Courses offered by the CISCO Networking Systems include IT Essentials CompTIA A+, CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA), CISCO Certified Network Professional (CCNP) and Health Information Networking.

The following are some institutions offering CISCO Training courses in Kenya:

  • African Advanced Level Telecommunications Institute (AFRALTI)

  • African Institute of Research and Development Studies

  • Amboseli   Continue reading ...

8 years ago

How to apply KCA University July intake

KCA University is a well-known university in Kenya which was first established as an Accountancy college and Secretarial institution. However, due to the high education demand in Kenya, this institution has grown to become a university offering other various courses alongside accounts and secretarial studies. This university have also experienced growth as it has opened up various branches to ensure Kenyans access their educational services better and efficiently.

KCA University has a school of professional studies and which along the years have been known to provide best personnel   Continue reading ...

9 years ago

Courses Offered At K.C.A University In Nairobi, Kenya

The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (I.C.P.A.K) founded the Kenya College of Accountancy (KCA) in 1986. The KCA institution in Kenya was set up so as to improve the quality of financial management and accountancy skills in Kenya. Kenya College of Accountancy (KCA) is a nonprofit institution in Kenya which started as an accountancy college was given a letter of interim authority in 2007 and as such gained university status in Kenya, and was later renamed, Kenya College of Accountancy University in short KCA University.

KCA University in Kenya is located along Thika  Continue reading ...

9 years ago

How To Enroll For A Course In KCA University, Kenya

KCA University in Kenya has been in operation since 1989, when it was registered and recognized as a CPA center in Nairobi. Since then, KCA University has been in the forefront in producing qualified and competitive graduates in Kenya. KCA has now diversified its objectives and introduced other academic courses such as IT and Bachelor of Commerce in Kenya.

Recently KCA University was recognized as the 3rd best business university in Kenya after KEMU and Catholic University under private category of Kenya universities, which has busted its credibility as many students are now enrolli  Continue reading ...

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Where To Get University Education In Nairobi

Many of us Kenyans have been conditioned to study-life! It is well laid out that once we finish our secondary education in Kenya,  what should follow is campus or college, preferably campus. Kids rack their brains dry so as to attain that grade B+ or thereabout to gain entry into the various public universities in Kenya. For those students with financially able parents, they know that they will eventually end up in University,  with a grade A or D. The most they have to do is sit for that secondary school final examination in Kenya.

Over time, students in Kenya a  Continue reading ...

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CPA Professional Course In Kenya

Professional studies in Kenya have been taking the lead for decades as many employers are now employing professional graduates as compared to academic graduates. CPA (Certified Public Accounts) is the common professional course in Kenya. It is quite true that employers in Kenya prefer a section three student than a BCOM (accounting) graduate.

The government of Kenya has also endorsed CPA course as the preferred qualification required to hold public account office in Kenya. For a person to qualify for the public accounts officer position in Kenya, you must be a CPA (International) gr  Continue reading ...