8 years ago

Factors Influencing Trade In Kenya

Trading in Kenya is affected by several factors which affect the nature of trade and success of the trade activities.

Transport and communication

Goods need to be transported to places where they are needed. Therefore a good transport network is needed. In many parts of rural Kenya there are poor transport links .this slows down trading activities. Improved communication has made trading easier. A faster and safer method of transferring money through mpesa has also contributed to easening of trade activities since it is convenient and easier.

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9 years ago

Capital Markets Authority In Kenya

Capital Markets Authority in Kenya has offices located in Embankment Plaza on the 3rd Floor. Capital Markets Authority offices are on Longonot Road, off Kilimanjaro Avenue in Upper Hill. 

Capital Markets Authority (CMA) in Nairobi can be reached on P.O Box 74800-0200, Nairobi or via email address at The CMA telephone contacts are (020)2264900, (020)2611464, mobile contacts 0722207767 and 0775516828. Capital Markets Authority website is at Continue reading ...

9 years ago

How You Can Use A Chamaa In Kenya To Achieve Greater Financial Success

Every week a major newspaper in Kenya writes about a Chamaa that is doing very well. A Chamaa in Kenya is that group of people who pool resources together usually once a month and use the resources to uplift one of the members. This cycle is repeated until all the members benefit from the pooled resources in that Chamaa. In Kenya, a lot of Chamaas start small. How is a Chamaa made in Kenya? A group in Kenya could be of friends who have come together and decided to contribute a certain amount of money each month. This money is usually used to purchase certain items or pay bills. Women in Ken  Continue reading ...