8 years ago

Guidelines On How To Apply For AMREF Internships

AMREF has its head offices in Nairobi which serve East Africa Countries. The organization offers both international and local internships in various fields. Interns are encouraged to work as by doing this they will be acquiring extra skills as well as giving back to the society. Interns at AMREF are exposed to various aspects of the organization’s programmes making them emerge as intellectuals and ready for the competitive job market. It is important to that all internship opportunities are awarded based on the objectives of AMREF. To be an intern at AMREF one has to apply and chosen   Continue reading ...

9 years ago

How Graduates Can Get Their CV Revamped Online To Get Jobs In Kenya

Years spent getting your communal degree in Kenya are finally over, and you are stepping into the dreaded world of the job hunt in Kenya. It is almost routine for all graduates in Kenya to wake up early, shower, dress up and sit to use your computer. Open job websites in Kenya and scan for suitable positions which require less experience since you are just a graduate in Kenya. Graduates in Kenya are used to the routine of applying for all trainee positions in Kenya, but with no reply. Depression sets in, you move on to printing multiple copies of your CV and posting them to all potential em  Continue reading ...

9 years ago

How Internship Programs Work In Kenya

Internship programs in Kenya are programs where students or graduates are engaged in through organizations or institutions where the supervisors in the organization scrutinize the progress of the students as they work. The graduates or students get a specified term of working with an organization in Kenya, mostly three months or more. The Kenyan students or graduates therefore have a chance to get involved in the practical aspects of the discipline they major in.

Internship programs in most of the institutions in Kenya usually have the aim of familiarizing the students or graduates   Continue reading ...