5 years ago

Cunningham Lindsey Kenya Limited In Nairobi

Cunningham Lindsey Kenya Limited in Nairobi has offices located on 6th Floor of ACK Garden House. Cunningham Lindsey Kenya Company is Off Bishop Road in Nairobi. Cunningham Lindsey Kenya is near NSSF Offices in Nairobi.

Cunningham Lindsey Kenya Limited email addresses are and

Cunningham Lindsey Kenya postal address is P.O. Box   Continue reading ...

5 years ago

How To Invest Using I-Invest By Old Mutual On Your Mobile Phone In Kenya

Most people in Kenya want to be able to be financially secure for the most part of their lives if not all. In order to achieve this desire, one of the best ways is by investing your savings in Kenya in order to ensure your goals and dreams are realized.

Some people may find it difficult to get a financial adviser in Kenya who can advise them on the right instruments in which they can invest their money in Kenya, and thus decide to give up on investment of their savings. However with the advent of mobile banking in Kenya and other mobile financial services in Kenya, one can now also   Continue reading ...