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List Of Registered Insurance Companies in Kenya 2014

1. AAR Insurance Kenya Limited

P.O Box 41766

00100, NAIROBI


2. A P A Insurance Limited

P.O Box 30065

00100, NAIROBI


3. Africa Merchant Assurance Company Limited

P.O Box 61599

00200, NAIROBI


4. Apollo Life Assurance Limited

P.O Box 30389

00100, NAIROBI


5. AIG Kenya Insurance Company Limited

P.O. Box 49460

00100, NAIROBI


6. British-American Insurance Company (Kenya) Limited

P.O Box 30375

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Micro Insurance Policy Offered by Faulu Microfinance Bank Limited:

Finances in Kenya especially for the unemployed or underemployed could be a major challenge when it comes to its use. Money may be scarce and therefore require proper budget before on how it is to be spend. However, in the world today, there are different organizations which has offered to provide the needy with some loans and microfinances for them to be able to set small businesses which will in the long run benefit them as well as the society.

Faulu Microfinance Bank Limited is one of these institutions which is a duly liability company incorporated in Kenya to provide loans and   Continue reading ...

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Insurance Companies In Kenya

Kenya is one of the countries in Africa which has the most population which reside in overcrowded areas mostly in urban centres. Urban centres in Kenya such as Nairobi has a very high population which even exceed the available resources for the benefits of all the residents. The resources which are overwhelmed by the high population include health facilities and medical centres, better housing facilities and general infrastructure. This overcrowding is therefore the sole reason of unemployment in the urban areas which have become very rampant and the major challenge.

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    A financial institution is a company other than a bank which carries on or proposes to carry on financial business and includes any other company which minister may be by notice in the Gazette, declared to be a financial institution. It is possible for a company to start as a financial institution and then later apply for this status. If the minister accepts, then it becomes a financial institution. Financial institution accepts money from the public as deposits.

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College Of Insurance

With more and more Kenyans being bend on accumulating wealth and property it is not surprising that the need of insurance policy covers have increased tremendously. More people have realized the importance of insurance in a growing economy and have embraced the act of paying small calculated losses in form of premium payments in the promise of compensation in the event of loss of property. Due to this large scale embracing of corporate and individuals, there is a rise in the need of qualified insurance agents. This has directly affected the need of having certified institutions that of cour  Continue reading ...

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Services offered by the UAP insurance company in Kenya

Kenyans are most concerned about their lives in their day-to-day basis. They therefore ensure that they have all the protection they have to avoid any constraints or accidents that may be caused by various circumstances. Parents also ensure that they protect their children from the evils of the society such as terrorism. This is the most dangerous deed that most Kenyans fear as it has become very rampant in the country.

Other accidents may be caused in the roads which bring along a lot of losses to the people involved in the accidents. However, there are companies which have ensured  Continue reading ...

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Loans offered by the Cooperative Bank of Kenya

Many people in Kenya, salaried and non-salaried have different needs in some point in life. These needs could be urgent such as medical bills or school fees while others could not require fast actions. They make these people seek for a way of settling them by looking for money in different places. Most of the salaried individuals with bank accounts tend to take salary advances and loans from banks which they later pay after they get their salaries.

From this therefore, Cooperative Bank of Kenya understand this and have therefore incorporated their services to provide for different f  Continue reading ...

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Registration of National Hospital insurance Fund Kenya

National Hospital Insurance Fund is a national medical plan which covers medical expenses to citizens. National Hospital insurance is a government insurance agency; it targets all the population in Kenya. Registration is open during working hours in NHIF building Nairobi 3rd to 10th floor, National hospital insurance building is located along Ragati road in upperhill area of Nairobi. Board a bus from Kencom in Nairobi town.

Membership is compulsory according to Kenyan law, all the salaried people are required to contribute where the member is expected to contribute monthly a monthly  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) Offices In Kenya

National Hospital Insurance Fund Headoffices are located in Upperhill part of Nairobi.

The postal address of National Hospital Insurance Fund offices in UpperHill is P.O. Box 30443 - 00100, Nairobi.

The telephone contacts of NHIF offices in Nairobi are Toll Free 0800 720 601, (020) 2723255/56, (020) 2714793/94 and (020) 2722527. The Fax details are (020) 2714806.

The email address of National Hospital Insurance Fund for enquiries is customer  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of Insurance Regulatory Authority In Kenya

Insurance Regulatory Authority in Kenya has offices located in Zep-Re Place off Mara Road in Upper Hill part of Nairobi.

The email address of Insurance Regulatory Authority is

The postal address of Insurance Regulatory Authority is P.O. Box 43505-00100, Nairobi.

The mobile and telephone contacts of Insurance Regulatory Authority in Kenya are (020)4996000, 0719047000 and 0727563110.

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