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Embassy Of The Republic Of Kenya In Ethiopia

Embassy of Republic of Kenya in Ethiopia is located in Addis Ababa. The Embassy of Kenya in Addis Ababa is situated on Fikre Mariam Road in Hiher 16 Kebelle 01 in the capital of Ethiopia.

The postal address of the Embassy of Kenya in Ethiopia is P.O. Box 3301, Addis Ababa. The telephone contact of the Embassy in Ethiopia is 000-251-1-610033. The fax details are 000-251-1-611433.

The email address of the Embassy of Kenya in Addis Ababa is

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Magazines Available While Travelling By Air With Kenya Airways In Kenya

When people travel through Kenya Airways to various destinations within and outside Kenya, they get exposure to various magazines in Kenya as a form of entertainment and as a way of passing knowledge to travellers in Kenya. Kenya Airways offers a very good way of marketing and exposing Kenya to the outside world through its various magazines such as Kenya Yetu, Msafiri Magazine, Travel Magazine, Karibu Magazine among others. These magazines in Kenya Airways are filled with advertisements of various things offered in Kenya and Africa altogether. These are some of the magazines about Kenya:Continue reading ...