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Leaning Curriculum At The Greensteds International School In Nakuru Town In Kenya

The Greensteds International School in Kenya is one of the Kenyan Schools that teach based on a non-Kenyan Curriculum. The Greensteds International School in Kenya is located a few kilometres from Nakuru town in Kenya on the Nakuru-Nairobi Highway. The Greensteds International School in Kenya uses the national curriculum of Wales and England as the basis for teaching.

The Greensteds International School in Nakuru consists of both junior and senior schools. The Greensteds International junior school in Kenya refers to w  Continue reading ...

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Location Of Brook House International School In Nairobi, Kenya

Brook House International School is famous in Kenya as it hosted the 2013 presidential debate before the much awaited elections in March 2013. For most Kenyans, Brook House International School in Kenya did not exist until the debate date about elections in Kenya. However, Brook House International School in Kenya has been in operation for a long time. Brook House International School is a coeducational school that offers both day and boarding learning options in Kenya.

Brook House International School in Kenya is located approximately 9 kilometres from  Continue reading ...

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International Schools In Kenya

In terms of education, Kenya is one country that has several education opportunities to cater to the different people. This article focuses on the international schools that is not only common with expatriates but also Kenyans who feel they prefer to try other systems other than the national curriculum that is 8.4.4 and also makes it easier for those that wish to pursue  their studies abroad.

We shall look at some of the common schools and the services they offer to the students in Kenya.

Braeside School in Kenya

Braeside School in Kenya is a co-educational in  Continue reading ...