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Parliamentary Electoral Process In Kenya

The electoral process in Kenya is conducted by the independent electoral and boundaries commission which is headed by Isaac Hassan and it conducts election after every five years unless in the instances that a by election is announced for a certain parliamentary seat. The following steps describe the parliamentary electoral process in Kenya:

Registration of voters

Kenyan citizens who have the required voter registration documents are given a chance to register as voters in their given constituencies. The qualified voters are then given votes cards which are kept safely for  Continue reading ...

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Functions Of IEBC In Kenya

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries commission is an independent body charged with conducting free, fair and transparent elections. It is charged with all matters pertaining elections according to the law.  Ahmed Isaac Hassan is the current chairman. Here are some of its functions;

Supervising elections

It is charged with ensuring that elections are undertaken according to expectances. The body provides the necessary equipments needed for supervision. The equipments also include security to make that there is no disputes experienced. They make sure there are no i  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of Independent Boundaries And Electoral Commission (IEBC) In Kenya

Independent Boundaries and Electoral Commission in Kenya is located in Anniversary Towers on Univiversity Way in Nairobi.

The postal address of Independent Boundaries and Electoral Commission is P.O. Box 45371-00100, Nairobi.

The email address of IEBC in Kenya is

The telephone contacts of Independent Boundaries and Electoral Commission (IEBC) are (020)2769000, (020)2877000 and (020)2222072.

The twitter handle of Independent Boundaries and Electoral Commission in Kenya is @iebcpage.Continue reading ...

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How To Activate A Dormant Bank Account With Equity Bank In Kenya

Equity bank is one of the banks in Kenya that are growing at a high rate to the extent of opening other branches outside Kenya (in East Africa). Equity bank in Kenya has almost opened branches in every corner of Kenya because I was surprised to see Equity bank at Lodwar town in Turkana County in Kenya which is far and located at the Northern part of Kenya. Equity Bank in Kenya is also a good bank in terms of savings. In essence, if you are a student in Kenya and you open a bank account with Equity, Equity Bank will not charge you monthly rate unless at the time of withdrawing money fro  Continue reading ...