8 years ago

Contacts Of Kenya ICT Board Offices In Nairobi

Kenya ICT Board offices in Nairobi are located in Telposta Towers on the 12th Floor in Kenyatta Avenue.

Kenya ICT Board offices postal address is P.O. Box 27150-00100, Nairobi.

The telephone contacts of Kenya ICT Board in Nairobi are 0202211960 and 0202089061.

The email address of Kenya ICT Board is communications@ict.go.ke.

The website of Kenya ICT Board is at http://www.icta.go.ke/.

The twitter handle of Kenya ICT Board is @ICTAuthori  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Chandaria Industries Limited In Kenya

Chandaria Industries in Kenya has offices located on Baba Dogo Road in Baba Dogo estate in Nairobi. Chandaria Industries is in Ruaraka part of Nairobi. 

Chandaria Industries can be contacted via email address info@chandaria.com. Chandaria Industries website is www.chandaria.com.

Chandaria Industries telephone contact numbers are 2349575, 2399582, 2605146, 8563252, 8563253,  Continue reading ...