9 years ago

Services Provided At Cai Resort And Spa In PH Lounge In Machakos Town, Kenya

Cai Resort and Spa Limited in Kenya is one of the elegant places around Machakos County which many Machakos residents and also other people from other counties in Kenya are attracted to spend their recreation time and holidays. Cai Resort and Spa in Machakos town in Kenya is located in the famous PH lounge in Machakos. Cai Resort and Spa in Kenya offers many recreational activities in Machakos and near Nairobi ranging from family activities to hosting wedding functions in Kenya. Cai Resort and Spa in Kenya offers warm guest rooms with luscious queen beds. The guest rooms in Cai Resort and S  Continue reading ...

9 years ago

Where To Locate Garden Hotel In Machakos Town, Kenya

With the increase of Kenyan population, many investors are investing in recreational facilities and hotels within Kenya. Competiveness of the hotels in Kenya has made the hotel industry in Kenya to become wider. Though the hotel industry in Kenya is pre-dominated by individual investors, now many companies in Kenya are eyeing to invest in hotels in Kenya due to high returns.

Machakos County in Kenya is not left out in the Hotel investment sector in Kenya as there are many hotels now being set up in Machakos Town in Kenya. The hotels in Machakos in Kenya being developed are mainly sp  Continue reading ...