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Firms Offering Carpet Cleaning Services in Kenya

Kenyan have different ways of decorating their living rooms with different materials that ensure that they are well designed and fashionable. Homes being the better place to be in during weekends and holidays, people therefore ensure that they make their homes cozy to provide comfort that they require. Most of them buy expensive couches, tables and the most important and cozy commodity that is considered for most homes is a carpet. A carpet ensure that it covers the floor and thereby reducing the time of having to scrub the floor every day.

Carpets are of various types and are sold   Continue reading ...

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Services offered at Topcare Nursing Home

Topcare Nursing Home is a rapidly growing health institution in Kitengela town that is duly registered by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board. It’s a private health institution which was started as an outpatient clinic in January 2009 with a mission to provide quality healthcare services which are accessible and affordable to all. In July 2009 we expanded to include full outpatient and inpatient services. Topcare Nursing Home is located about 250 meters off Namanga Road on Miriams Road. The facility is easily accessible from all areas in Kitengela and is open for 24 hour  Continue reading ...

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The Best Furniture Stores In Kenya

Furniture palace

it is located in Nairobi along Mombasa road opposite Parkside towers, they operate from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5:30 pm and Saturday 9am to 5 am. They specialize in Dining: Cabinets, Bar counters, bar stools. Bed rooms: King beds, Queen Beds, Single beds, Dressing table, Chest of drawers, Mattresses, pillows and Bedding sets. Office: Executive desks, Conference tables, Storage cabinets, work stations, Reception counters, Office safes, Coffee tables, Office accessories, office chairs, leather high black, leather low black, lea  Continue reading ...

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Top five female gospel Artists in Kenya

Gloria Muliro

She is popular because of her extremely remarkable voice. Gloria is currently the best gospel artist with hits like ‘sitolia’, follow you and ‘msaidizi’. She began her music career in a choir and has been in the music for quite some time now. Other than music, she helps her husband in the ministry.


Kambua made it in the industry a few years ago after graduating from Berkley School of music. Apart from music, she is also a presenter at local gospel shows in the country. Her success surprised many due to the fact that sh  Continue reading ...

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The Best Children Home In Kenya

Kenya as a country has a large population and as a matter of fact, many people are unemployed especially the youths. On the other hand, poverty has led the unemployed to find sources of income which could be the dangerous and disastrous to their health and well-being. Many youths especially women has resorted to prostitution in order to cater for different needs that they may have. This has therefore led to unwanted pregnancies as well as diseases.

In the area of unwanted pregnancies, the women therefore since they are unable to support and bring up the children they got unexpected,  Continue reading ...

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Best Funeral Service Provider In Kenya

In Kenya, there are many reasons why people may die and be departed by their loved ones. People may die from road accidents which have been rampant in Kenya, prolonged sickness which is also common as well as other related causes and reasons such as suicides and court ruling for hanging of the any people involved in serious illegal deeds where the only judgment is through hanging. All of these reasons may lead to their loved ones and people involved in the deaths organize for the respective funerals for their loved ones be laid in peace.

The funeral organization period may be the mo  Continue reading ...

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Services offered At Kenya Home Nursing And Therapy Services In Kenya

Healthcare services to patients or sick people from a hospital require that they be offered in the best environment for their quick recovery from the diseases they were suffering from. Elderly people may also need more attention in the care for their better living. This has therefore made certain companies to offer care and therapy services to ensure that the sick and elderly are given the care services that they need. Kenya Home Nursing and Therapy Services (KEHNTS) is one of the services providers for the elderly and sick in the society and they provides various services which include;Continue reading ...

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Apartments In Kenya

Real estate is the booming business in Kenya and realtors only know this too well. They have therefore invested in this business by providing apartments that are suitable for the kind of income a tenant has. Some of these apartments mentioned below are for well off tenants. These are;

Imara gardens

This apartment is located next to Riara springs school and Imara Daima commuter railway station. It consists of two and three bedroom aparments with a servant quarters.


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Security Services Offered By Kleen Homes Security Services Ltd

Kenya is one of Africa countries which have been challenged by the alarming rates of insecurity. This is majorly linked to the illegal militia group such as Al-shabaab from Somalia, Mungiki Sect, Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) and many more groups in Kenya and outside Kenya which attack Kenyans for various reasons. The insecurity has thereby seen a lot of people killed, injured and property destroyed and therefore every Kenyan have to take a step in the protection of their selves as well as for their loved ones.

Companies in Kenya were and are still been established that specializ  Continue reading ...

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How to Prepare and Use Home–Made Paint Stripper


Do you want your furniture, metallic or house walls have a fascinating appearance by painting them, well you need to remove the old paint first. To do this you need a paint stripper. There are various types of paint strippers used in Kenya but let’s concentrate on chemical strippers, a simple, yet effective home-made stripper, to be specific. You don’t need to deep into your pocket to get the job done!

To prepare this type of paint stripper, you need a match box, a filter funnel, a container (5 liters), clean water and waste papers such as  Continue reading ...