5 years ago

Mineral Resources In Kenya

Besides Kenya's rich wildlife heritage and agricultural land, the country is blessed with a number of important mineral resources scattered within its territorial borders. Some of the minerals are already being produced for commercial purposes while others remain untouched in spite of having already been discovered.

Mineral Resources And Their Areas Of Occurrence

  • Gold: Kakamega Gold Fields, Macaulder, Asembo bay

  • Sodium: Lake Magadi, Magadi Mine

  • Manganese: Mrima Hill, Gilgil, Kiwara Hill

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6 years ago

Pembrooke House Prep School In Kenya

Pembrooke House Prep School in Kenya is a nursery school whose postal address is PO Box 31- 20116, Gilgil. The Pembrooke House Prep School website is at

You can contact Pembrooke House Prep School via wireless TKL telephone number +254 20 2312323. 

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6 years ago

The Kenya National Youth Service Branches In Kenya And NYS Mandate In Kenya

The National Youth Service in Kenya is a government of Kenya program that offers vocational training to the youths and young people in Kenya. Kenya National Youth Service in Nairobi instills a sense of self worth, patriotism as well as empowering the youth in Kenya to help in safeguard Kenya.

The National Youth Service in Nairobi was established soon after Kenya attained independence, in 1964 so as to train the youths in Kenya in various tasks of national importance. Some of the tasks trained in Kenya National Youth Service include; disaster response in Kenya, service in the Kenya a  Continue reading ...