6 years ago

Contacts Of ActionAid International Kenya Office In Nairobi

ActionAid International Kenya Office in Nairobi has offices located in AACC Building along Waiyaki Way in Westlands.

The ActionAid International Kenya Office postal address is P.O. Box 42814-00100, Nairobi.

The email address of ActionAid International (Africa) Regional Office in Nairobi is

The telephone contacts of ActionAid International Kenya Office in Nairobi, Kenya are 4440440, 4440444 and 4440449. The Fax is 0204445843.

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6 years ago

Location Of FIDA Offices In Kenya And The Services FIDA Offer To Kenyan Women

Discrimination against women in Kenya has for many years been widespread and widely accepted. Every day we hear of rising cases of injustices based on gender, class, physical disability, sex and religious beliefs in Kenya. Sometimes it goes to extreme cases of sexual harassment against women in Kenya and other times unfortunately domestic violence, where women are beaten senseless by their husbands as a way of them showing their superiority, in which at times the consequences are fatal.

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