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Micro Insurance Policy Offered by Faulu Microfinance Bank Limited:

Finances in Kenya especially for the unemployed or underemployed could be a major challenge when it comes to its use. Money may be scarce and therefore require proper budget before on how it is to be spend. However, in the world today, there are different organizations which has offered to provide the needy with some loans and microfinances for them to be able to set small businesses which will in the long run benefit them as well as the society.

Faulu Microfinance Bank Limited is one of these institutions which is a duly liability company incorporated in Kenya to provide loans and   Continue reading ...

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List Of Licensed Microfinance Institutions In Kenya

In Kenya Microfinance Institutions are licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya to mobilise savings from the general public, thus promoting competition, efficiency and access. It is, therefore, expected that the microfinance industry will play a pivotal role in deepening financial markets and enhancing access to financial services and products by majority of the Kenyans. Here is a list of licensed microfinance institutions; 

Faulu Kenya DTM Limited

Postal Address: P. O. Box 60240 – 00200, Nairobi

Telephone: +254-20- 3877290

Email:  Continue reading ...

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Programmes Offered At Mount Kenya University Department Of Accounting And Finance

Education has gone to another level especially in the current Kenya where even the elderly have gone back to school and embrace the new modes of studying. Education in the higher institutions have been modified to ensure that after the graduates have completed their studies, they can be able to apply the skills they acquired in college to the real life situation.

Mount Kenya University has therefore been developed since the recent past to accommodate the ever growing number of students who wish to study the different programmes that they offer in their different departments from dif  Continue reading ...

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Jubilant Kenya Limited

The company is powerd by the ndovu cash community in kenya.It was formed for the purpose of introducing the student entreprenuership empowerment programs that could play great roles in helping students get skills of carrying out business.The company operates by following a certain procedure and the following list provides the best options as to how the process is carriedd out.

Firstly,an individual gets two friends and ends up registering a group with them on the mobile based on the virtual platform that is ofetn given during the careers fair.

Save about 100kenya shillings e  Continue reading ...

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Where And How To Get Personal Loans in Kenya

Personal loans are rife with pitfalls.Used correctly,they can save a significant amount compared to payday loans,overdrafts and pawnshops.Personal loan is a loan where you don’t put up any collateral,such as your house or your car,that the lender can reposses if you default.Because the lender has no guarantee for the loan other than your own reputation,you’ll have a higher interest rate other than you would with a collateralized loan.Since one is not putting up any collateral ,the loan terms will be based on your credit worthiness-your credit history,your income and what other d  Continue reading ...

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    A financial institution is a company other than a bank which carries on or proposes to carry on financial business and includes any other company which minister may be by notice in the Gazette, declared to be a financial institution. It is possible for a company to start as a financial institution and then later apply for this status. If the minister accepts, then it becomes a financial institution. Financial institution accepts money from the public as deposits.

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Loans offered by the Cooperative Bank of Kenya

Many people in Kenya, salaried and non-salaried have different needs in some point in life. These needs could be urgent such as medical bills or school fees while others could not require fast actions. They make these people seek for a way of settling them by looking for money in different places. Most of the salaried individuals with bank accounts tend to take salary advances and loans from banks which they later pay after they get their salaries.

From this therefore, Cooperative Bank of Kenya understand this and have therefore incorporated their services to provide for different f  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of International Finance Corporation (IFC) Offices In Kenya

International Finance Corporation (IFC) in Kenya is an international Organization whose offices are located in Banki Ya Dunia Towers along Menengai Road in UpperHill part of Nairobi.

The International Finance Corporation Fax details are 0202937210.

The telephone contact of  International Finance Corporation in Kenya is 293 7000.

The website of  International Finance Corporation is at

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Contacts Of Transition Authority (TA) Offices In Nairobi, Kenya

Transition Authority Offices in Kenya are located on the 8th Floor of Extelcom House found along Hailesalassie Avenue in Nairobi.

The postal address of Transition Authority Offices in Kenya is P.O.Box 10736-00100, Nairobi.

The email addresses of Offices of Transition Authority in Nairobi are and

The telephone contact of Kenya Transition Authority o  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of The Commission On Administrative Justice (Office Of The Ombudsman) In Kenya

Commission On Administrative Justice (Office Of The Ombudsman) in Kenya has offices in The Deputy Presidents`s Building on the 6th Floor on Harambee Avenue.

The Commission On Administrative Justice postal address is P.O. Box 20414 – 00200, Nairobi.

The telephone contacts of Commission On Administrative Justice in Kenya are +254-20-2270000, 2303000, 2603765, 2441211, 8030666.

The email address of Commission on Administrative Justice in Nairobi isContinue reading ...