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Contacts Of Tea Board Of Kenya Offices In Nairobi

Tea Board Of Kenya has offices located in Tea Board House on Naivasha Road, Off Ngong Road in Nairobi.

The postal address of Tea Board Of Kenya is P.O. Box 20064-00200, Nairobi.

The Tea Board Of Kenya can be contacted via these telephone contacts; (020) 3874758, 3872497, 3874445, 3874446, 3872861, Wireless phone numbers (020) 2536869, 2536886, Mobile numbers 0722 200556, 0733 600944, Customer Service Line/hotline 0739333019 and 0728068027. The Fax Details are (020) 3862120 and 3876337.

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Contacts Of National Cereals And Produce Board (NCPB) Offices In Kenya

National Cereals And Produce Board (NCPB) is located on Machakos Road in Industrial Area of Nairobi.

The postal address of National Cereals And Produce Board offices is P.O Box 30585-00100, Nairobi.

The National Cereals And Produce Board email address is

The telephone contacts of National Cereals And Produce Board offices are 555288, 6536028, 0722205756, 557622, 0733333159 and 650710.

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Contacts Of Kenya Coconut Development Authority Offices In Mombasa

Kenya Coconut Development Authority offices in Mombasa are located on 6th Floor of NSSF Building on Nkrumah Road in Mombasa.

The Kenya Coconut Development Authority in Mombasa telephone contacts are (041)2319616, (041)2319617, (041)2319613, 0702217682 and 0737217682.

The postal address Kenya Coconut Development Authority is P.O. Box 84351-80100, Mombasa Kenya.

The email address of Kenya Coconut Development Authority is

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New Kenya Co-operative Creameries Limited

New Kenya Co-operative Creameries Limited (KCC) has offices in Creamery House along Dakar Road in Nairobi. New Kenya Co-operative Creameries Limited is in Industrial Area of Nairobi.

You can contact New Kenya Co-operative Creameries (New KCC) on email address and on their website at

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How To Improve Quail Products Market In Kenya; Is Quail Keeping In Kenya Good Business?

Quail rearing in Kenya is on everyone’s mouth in Kenya after some Kenya TV stations highlighted the growing quail craze in Kenya. Late last year, most people in Kenya had come to learn of the possibility of rearing the quail bird in Kenya, and of the fast high returns of quail keepers in Kenya. Farmers in Kenya abandoned their earlier ventures to rear quails birds in Kenya. Some even left their well paying jobs in Kenya to engage in the quail million shilling venture. The quail rearing business in Kenya did provide good returns wi  Continue reading ...

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Quail Eggs Distributors In Kenya And East Africa

Quail farming in Kenya has been the recent most profitable investment by Kenyans. Quail farming has been started recently in East Africa and hence most farmers in Kenya are starting to learn the market of quail meat and quail eggs in Kenya and beyond Kenya. Exporting quail eggs from Kenya is more profitable than selling within Kenya, though there are added expenses. The demand for quail products in Kenya and in East Africa is high and hence people are looking for the quail suppliers in Kenya.

There are many quail farmers in Kenya who engaged in the quail farming business in Kenya re  Continue reading ...

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Kenyan Mobile Applications Use: Get Tour Guidance, Doctors, Farming Information And Constitution In Kenya Via Mobile Apps

A mobile application commonly referred to as mobile app in Kenya, is an application software designed to run on mobile devices in Kenya such as smartphones, computers, tablets and other mobile devices. Mobile applications in Kenya can usually be obtained by the user of a mobile device in Kenya through various application distribution platforms available such as Google play for android, Samsung app store online in Kenya, the Apple App Store online, Windows Phone Store, Nokia store and BlackBerry App World online in Kenya. Some mobile apps in Kenya are free, while other mobile apps must be bo  Continue reading ...

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How Banana Farmers In Kenya Can Benefit From Banana Tissue Culture

Agriculture is Kenya`s main contributor to GDP (gross domestic product) in Kenya. This means Agriculture is the backbone of Kenya`s economy, due to its significance in economic growth. Farmers in Kenya are involved in both small and large-scale farming of crops and livestock. For many farmers in Kenya, other than cash crops such as coffee, fruits seem to a better economic activity due to demand and high profits in Kenyan Market.

One of the common fruits in Kenya is bananas. Banana fruits in Kenya are extensively cultivated as a staple food and also as an income generating activity b  Continue reading ...

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How To Harness Dairy Farming Capacity In Kenya

You have to agree with me that success in today’s dairy industry in Kenya is volatile and somewhat evanescent. With the give way of the Kenya Cooperative Creameries K.C.C, which was the colossal monopoly in the late 1990’s, there have been efforts to refurbish the dairy sector in Kenya. This was attributed to mismanagement of the sector in Kenya. The government of Kenya, however, reclaimed the assets of this company and made it a parastatal and it is now renamed New K.C.C. The farmers in Kenya believe in the privatization.

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How To Improve Coffee Farming In Kenya

Imagine sipping a cup of coffee that you are certain is truly authentic and unadulterated Kenyan coffee. Satisfying isn’t it? But how many Kenyans lavish this? Kenyan coffee is one of the highest quality coffee in the world. Coffee in Kenya is extraordinarily rich in acidity and flavour, full body and deep in sensual aroma and hints of chocolate, floral and citrus undertones. It is not just about the taste of the Kenyan coffee. According to a study conducted by researchers at Lund University in Sweden two cups of coffee a day could stop breast cancer recurring in recove  Continue reading ...