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Kenya Mission To The European Union In Belgium

Kenya Mission to the European Union in Belgium is located in Brussels. The Kenya Mission to the European Union in Belgium has offices located in Avenue Winston Churchill 208 in 1180 Brussels. 

Embassy of Kenya in Belgium office telephone contacts are 000-32-2-3401040. The fax of the representative of Kenya in Belgium is 0003223401050/62.

Kenya Mission to the European Union in Belgium email address is at

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9 years ago

University Scholarships And Financial Aid Initiatives In Strathmore University In Kenya

The need for education in Kenya is on the rise due to most benefits that education impound to the society. On the other hand, however, the cost of accessing quality and high standard education in Kenya is very expensive due to the worsening economic conditions of Kenya. Education expenses especially on tertiary institutions in Kenya are a burden to most parents and students. As a result, institutions of higher learning have come up with various education financial aids in Kenya to help the needy students access education with fewer worries about the expenses attached to education.
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