5 years ago

Courses Offered At Kenyatta University School Of Environmental Studies

In recent years, topics involving the environment have been given priority on a worldwide platform and for good reason. Environmental protection is vital if mankind is to not only survive but also to flourish. Technological advancement has unfortunately led to massive environmental pollution. There is a lot to be done to curb harmful practices and the first step is learning all there is to know about the environment. Kenyatta University offers courses in environmental studies under the School of Environmental Studies. These courses include:

6 years ago

Location Of The University Of Eldoret In Kenya

The University of Eldoret is one of the universities in Kenya that recently received an upgrade of status and an accompanying charter. The University of Eldoret was previously known as Chepkoilel University College in Kenya until mid-February 2013 when the president of Kenya then, Mwai Kibaki, gave the campus a charter to operate as a full-fledged university.

The history of the University of Eldoret in Kenya dates a while back. In 1946, the colonialists founded a large scale farmers training centre in Eldoret in Kenya. The training centre was then converted into a teachers training   Continue reading ...

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Is Nairobi As clean As It Can Get? What City Council Of Nairobi Can Do In Kenya

Everyone everywhere is talking about sustainable development in Nairobi. Kenyan primary schools have introduced a subject on environmental studies. High schools have also introduced environmental studies to their curriculum in Kenya. Environmental degradation in Kenya has become a point of conern even at the global level. Persons all over Kenya are being advised on best ways to avoid further environmental degradation as well as rehabilitating it back to its pristine condition. This is much of a herculean task but even the least of efforts will certainly go along way in environmental conserv  Continue reading ...