5 years ago

Top Four Best Paying Freelancing Websites In Kenya

Thousands of Kenyans in various parts of the country are opting for freelancing in Kenya as a perfect means for them to make extra cash on the internet. Apparently, a good number of these people are taking up freelance jobs in Kenya as their full time employment. The internet has offered Kenyans a wide range of opportunities and avenues to make money through the online platform. There are many freelancing websites in Kenya today. Kenyans can now get jobs on the internet easily and earn heftily for working online at the comfort of their computers. Kenyans can also join in on the bandwag  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

Engineering Courses Offered In Kenyatta University, Kenya

Kenyatta University is one of the public universities in Kenya and it is based in Nairobi city (capital city of Kenya). It offers Engineering courses alongside other courses in the institution. Engineering is under the school of engineering and technology that was established in the year 2007 from school of pure and applied sciences. The mission of these courses is to develop manpower and offer consultancy in the fields of energy engineering, manufacturing engineering, water engineering, and construction management thus contributing to the development of the country and to realize the 2030   Continue reading ...