9 years ago

Fire Emergency Telephone Contacts In Kenya

Fire Station in Kenya .......... 112/999

Nairobi City Council Fire Emergency ....... 2222181

G4S Fire Services in Kenya ................... 6982999/6982013/21

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9 years ago

Is Kenya Disaster-Prepared? Be safe. Tips On How To Use A Go-bag In Kenya

The Kenya we live today is faced by many problems, among which insecurity ranks first. Disasters in Kenya seem to strike from all corners. The big question the Kenyans are faced with is, how prepared is Kenya in case of disasters? Are there mitigation measures put in place in Kenya to prevent or to minimise effect of a disaster? So, you may have watched a news item or listened to some Kenyan somewhere lamenting on how his house was burnt down with him barely managing to save anything. Or perhaps you’ve heard of stories of forced evacuations in Kenya with houses being torn down without  Continue reading ...