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List Of Best Private Primary Schools In Kenya

One of the challenges the faces Kenya today is the rapidly growing population. Most of the facilities and infrastructure does not match this population. There is great pressure on most basic resources. One good example is the ever increasing number of pupils in public primary schools. This has led to establishment of many private primary schools in across Kenya to reduce pressure that has built in public primary schools.

The following is the list of the best private primary schools in Kenya.

  • Evalyn School Complex-Embu

  • Esteem Academy-NairobiContinue reading ...

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Courses in African Nazarene University: degree diploma and Certificate programs

The need to establish Africa Nazarene University arose in 1980’s, this was because of the challenges that Nazarene church saw in Africa. The initial plan was to set up a Clergy learning institution. A commission was therefore formed to set up a degree awarding college and the institution began as a liberal Arts college. Dr. Harnon Schmelzenbach with the vision of expanding the institution convinced the church to purchase 70 acres of land in Maasai savannah. The institution was built on that land and the boards of trustees were registered.

A proposal for the University was prep  Continue reading ...

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How to start a private school in Kenya

It all starts with a vision, have a clear vision in mind and through this vision decisions will flow. Have clear answers on the kind of education you want to offer and the uniqueness of your schools that is not in other schools, the academic experience the institution will give to the students. The long term goal should be clear as to where and how you want your school to be in five years.

Put your plan clearly on a paper, include the day to day activities of the school; this will include the number of classes, the learning hours, the scheduling of the teachers and meals of the stud  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of Kenya National Commission For UNESCO

Kenya National Commission For UNESCO is located in the Ministry of Education in Jogoo House B on Harambee Avenue in Nairobi.

The Kenya National Commission For UNESCO postal address id P.O. Box 30040-00100, Nairobi. 

The telephone contacts of Kenya National Commission For UNESCO are 0202229053, 020318581 and 0202213025.

The email address of Kenya National Commission For UNESCO in Nairobi is 

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Pembrooke House Prep School In Kenya

Pembrooke House Prep School in Kenya is a nursery school whose postal address is PO Box 31- 20116, Gilgil. The Pembrooke House Prep School website is at

You can contact Pembrooke House Prep School via wireless TKL telephone number +254 20 2312323. 

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University Scholarships And Financial Aid Initiatives In Strathmore University In Kenya

The need for education in Kenya is on the rise due to most benefits that education impound to the society. On the other hand, however, the cost of accessing quality and high standard education in Kenya is very expensive due to the worsening economic conditions of Kenya. Education expenses especially on tertiary institutions in Kenya are a burden to most parents and students. As a result, institutions of higher learning have come up with various education financial aids in Kenya to help the needy students access education with fewer worries about the expenses attached to education.
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Courses Offered In South Eastern Kenya University Machakos Town Campus In Kenya

As devolution is taking place in Kenya, every county in Kenya is fighting to provide all the necessary facilities to the public. Education in Kenya is one of the key human resource developments which every governor in Kenya would like to provide to his county members in Kenya. As a result, many private universities in Kenya and public universities in Kenya are now finding ways to establish branches in almost every county headquarter in Kenya. In Machakos County in Kenya, The Southern Eastern University in Kenya is one of the new established universities. Southern Eastern Kenya University ma  Continue reading ...

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Public Universities Found Within Nakuru Town In Kenya

Did you know that the name Nakuru in the Maa language means ‘the dusty place’? Now you know, and you will be destined to know more if you were looking for a place to get an education in Nakuru County in Kenya. Most of us know Nakuru for agriculture and tourism in Kenya, what we do not know is that Nakuru, a rapidly growing town in East Africa is also well endowed with higher education institutions in Kenya. Most public Universities in Kenya have their presence in the Nakuru County. Nakuru has recently become one of the most endowed towns in the Rift  Continue reading ...

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Location Of Brook House International School In Nairobi, Kenya

Brook House International School is famous in Kenya as it hosted the 2013 presidential debate before the much awaited elections in March 2013. For most Kenyans, Brook House International School in Kenya did not exist until the debate date about elections in Kenya. However, Brook House International School in Kenya has been in operation for a long time. Brook House International School is a coeducational school that offers both day and boarding learning options in Kenya.

Brook House International School in Kenya is located approximately 9 kilometres from  Continue reading ...

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Location Of Vision Institute Of Professionals (VIP) College Campuses In Kenya

Vision Institute of Professionals in Kenya is a college that is located in Nairobi. Vision Institute of Professionals in Kenya was introduced by a group of intellectuals who decided to form a college in Kenya which equips people with the knowledge in various fields and disciplines in Kenya that they can apply in the work industry in Kenya.

Vision Institute of Professionals main campus in Kenya is located in Nairobi Ngara area along Murang’a Road. Vision Institute of Professionals Paramount Plaza Campus is located in the 3rd floor of Paramount Plaza, just a   Continue reading ...