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Certified Companies that offer best Company Registration services in Kenya

In Kenya, businesses in form of companies are been set up every day. The businesses are set up to offer different services under the different areas of specialization to contribute to development of the economy. These companies for their complete operation require that they undergo different procedures in their development but the most important is registration of their operation or provision of the services. Registration therefore require some documents and requirements for its success which may include the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) PIN, the company official name and certificates and p  Continue reading ...

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East Africa School of Aviation (EASA) in Kenya.

East Africa School of aviation is one of the best aviation not only in Kenya and Africa but also in the entire world. It was established in 1954 and has trained many personnel from the field of aviation from Kenya, Africa and outside world. Since it has the best personnel, it trains best aviation personnel.

Since its established, EASA was officially accredited by international air transport association (IATA) in 2006 and became among the sixteen recognized institutions in the world that offer quality aviation training courses.

Location of EASA in Kenya

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Best Venues For Wedding Ceremony In Kenya

Wedding ceremony requires a venue that provides space for receiving the visitors as well for catering both the family, friends and couples needs. The following is a list of the most popular wedding venues in Kenya.

East Africa School of Theology, Buruburu

Location: next to Mutindwa Market (Mutindwa Stage) Mumias South Road, Phase 4 at Buru Buru Estate, Nairobi.

Tel: 020-7785562/7783015, 0712-430909/0736-666218 

Website: http://www.east.ac.ke

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Trading Partners Of Kenya

Kenya is involved in alot of trade with other nations making it develop good working relationships that can help the country earn revenue by exporting the various products that are locally produced to be used in other countries.The following list comprises of the major trading partners of kenya.


It is currently the main trading partner with the kenyan government having signed about 15contracts in one day.China has greatly helped kenya in economic development as seen by the construction of the only superhighway in the country Thika road.It has since been assigned anot  Continue reading ...

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Various Products And Services Offered By Rivatex East Africa LTD Kenya

In Kenya, there are several agricultural areas which produce cotton as their cash crop. The cotton wool would be used for various uses and mostly in industries. Kenya as it has farmers who produce cotton wool in large scale have been able to establish and develop textile manufacturing industries. Textile manufacturing industries have been able to provide the farmers with a stable source of income as the cotton they produce always have a higher demand.

Rivatex East Africa LTD is one of the leading textile manufacturing industries in Kenya which was developed to process the cotton woo  Continue reading ...

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Where best to buy building materials in Kenya: East African Portland Cement Ltd

In Kenya, most of the building is usually done with cement and this ensure that they are strong enough and durable ad can therefore accommodate and withstand the pressures and weights of the occupants of the buildings. There has been a lot of news about building collapsing due to poor construction skills and the use of weak cement which cannot withstand the weight and pressure of the buildings.

However, Kenya is privileged to have a variety of cement manufacturing industries from where the building can be done by the cement in which the owner of the building prefer. Furthermore, whe  Continue reading ...

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Diploma Courses offered at East African Institute of Certified studies (EAICS).

Diploma Courses offered at East African Institute of Certified studies (EAICS).

East African Institute of Certified studies is a professional training institution where students learn new skills in a wide range of professional course, both at certificate and diploma levels. EAICS is the Nairobi Technology Village ‘Pasha center’, selected by the Ministry of Information Communication and Technology.

The college is equipped with latest ICT facilities that empower students socially and economically. The aim of EAICS is to develop competitive career  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of African Development Bank Group In Kenya

 African Development Bank Group East Africa Regional Resource Centre is located in Khushee Tower on Longonot Road in UpperHill Nairobi.

The postal address of  African Development Bank Group in Nairobi is P.O. Box 4861-00200, Nairobi.

The telephone contcats of  African Development Bank Group in Kenya are 2998230, 2712925, 2712925, 2712926 and 2712928. The Fax is 0202712928.

The email address of  African Development Bank Group in Kenya is earc@afdb.org

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Contacts Of African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) Offices In Nairobi, Kenya

African Agricultural Technology Foundation Offices are located in ILRI Campus on Old Naivasha Road in Nairobi.

The postal address of African Agricultural Technology Foundation Offices in Nairobi is P.O. Box 30709- 00100 Nairobi.

The email address of African Agricultural Technology Foundation Offices is aatf@aatf-africa.org

The telephone contacts of African Agricultural Technology Foundation Offices are 254-20 422 3700. The Fax is 254-20 422 3701.

The website of Afr  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of ABB Limited Office In Mombasa, Kenya

ABB Limited Office in Kenya has offices in Nairobi and Mombasa. ABB Limited Office in Mombasa is located in KK Security Building on Links Road in Mombasa.

The telephone contacts of ABB Limited Office in Mombasa are 041 2634710 and 041 2634704. The mobile contacts of ABB Limited Mombasa Branch are 0708987964 and 0731009357.

The postal address of ABB Limited Company in Kenya Mombasa Branch is P.O. Box 95598-80106, Nyali Mombasa.

The email address of ABB Limited Office in Mombasa is AB  Continue reading ...