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How To Obtain A Driving Licence In Kenya

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) defines a driving licence as a permit to drive a vehicle on the road. Acquiring this vital document is a procedural process that is guided by the traffic laws of Kenya. Essentially, licences fall into different categories, and anybody interested in obtaining a driving licence must be aware of the specific one that he or she needs.

Classes of Driving Licences

  • Class \"E\": permit to drive light vehicles only.

  • Class \"B, C and E\": permit for driving of both light and heavy commercial vehicles  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of Automobile Association Of Kenya Offices In Nairobi, Kenya

Automobile Association of Kenya (AA of Kenya) is located in AA House, Off Airport North Road in Nairobi.

The postal address of the Automobile Association of Kenya offices is P.O Box 40087-00100, Nairobi.

The email address of Automobile Association of Kenya in Nairobi is aak@aakenya.co.ke

The telephone contacts of AA of Kenya offices are 0202612300, 0202612311, 0202525349, 6825062, 8090626, 8090629, 8090630, 8090631, 8090632, 0733620966 and 0722205106.

The emergency call li  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of National Transport And Safety Authority Offices In Kenya

National Transport And Safety Authority offices in Kenya are located in Transcom House on Ngong Road in Nairobi.

The postal address of National Transport And Safety Authority in Kenya is P.O. BOX 52692-00200, Nairobi.

The telephone contacts of National Transport And Safety Authority(NTSA) in Nairobi are 0202729200.

The email address of National Transport And Safety Authority is info@ntsa.go.ke

The Website of NTSA in Kenya is at http://www.ntsa.go.ke/  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of Kenya National Highways Authority (KENHA) Offices

Kenya National Highways Authority (KENHA) in Nairobi is located in Blueshield Towers on Hospital Road in Upper Hill part of Nairobi.

The postal address of Kenya National Highways Authority is P.O. Box 49712-00100, Nairobi. 

The email address of Kenya National Highways Authority is dg@kenha.co.ke.

The telephone contacts of Kenya National Highways Authority are Hotline 0202989000, 0204954000, 0208013842, 0731330336 and 0700423606.

The Kenya National Highways Authority website is at Continue reading ...

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Driving School Test Questions TEST SIGNS ANSWERS

1. The sign within a red triangle. It warns of hazard that is not yet visible e.g a bend or hill.

2. Red Circle shows what you must not do. The blue circle shows what you must do. 

3. a) Two way traffic ahead b) Priority over oncoming traffic c) Overtaking

4. a) Give priority to oncoming traffic b) cycle route ahead

5. Red and amber, then green

6. a) You should stop even if the traffic is clear

    b) No through way/road

7. a) Mini Roundabout ahead 

    b)  No sto  Continue reading ...

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Driving School Test Questions TEST VII

1. What is the meaning of a yellow painted kerb?

2. What does a double continuous line on the center of the road mean?

3. State 5 ways to keep your vehicle roadworthy

4. From which road to which road are you not allowed to reverse?

5. During dark hours, what controls the speed of the vehicle?

6. When driving past animals, what would you do?

7. During the night, if the oncoming vehicle does not dip the lights, what should you do?

8. Describe any indicators which may warn you of an accident ahead

9. Describe the arm signal, you s  Continue reading ...

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Driving School Test Questions TEST VII ANSWERS

1. No parking, No waiting, also No stopping in some places

2. It means that you CANNOT cross the lines too overtake. Keep to your side.

3. Regularservicing of the vehicle, Check up the following Steering, brakes, wheels, mirrors, wipers and lights

4. You are not allowed to reverse from a side road to a main road

5. The speed of the vehicle during dark hours is controlled by the lights

6. You should drive slowly giving them plenty of room and you should not hoot

7. You should slow down, flash your lights three times, dip them and if possible st  Continue reading ...

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Driving School Test Questions TEST VI

1. Name 8 places you CANNOT overtake.

2. Name few major causes of accidents on Kenyan roads.

3. State the procedure to approach uncontrolled railway crossing during the 

a) Day time b) At Night

4. How many lights does a saloon car have?

5. When should you use the mirror while driving?

6. How would you park your vehicle on a steep hill:

a) Facing uphill b) Downhill

7. Within what distance should you be able to stop your vehicle:

   a) During the day b) At night

8. What is  Continue reading ...

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Driving School Test Questions TEST VI ANSWERS

1. When approaching a pedestrian crossing

    - When approaching a bridge

    - At sharp bends

    - At a junction

    - When approaching a railway crossing

    - Where the road is marked single or double continuous lines on the center of the road

    - When the road is narrow

    - When approaching the brow of a hill

2. Driving of unroadworthy vehicles

    - Driving of overloaded vehicles

    - Driving at a igh speed hence  Continue reading ...

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Driving School Test Questions TEST V ANSWERS

1. It is driving a vehicle for long with one gear

2. It is to drive a vehicle facing opposite direction with use of reverse and forward gear.

3. They are red in colour, triangular in shape and with apex facing upwards.

4. a) Side Car b) Mobile toilet

5. Warning

6. Headlights, parking lights, brake lights, reverse lights, indicators, number plate lights, interior lights, and hazard lights

7. For security purposes

8. Provisional driving license

9. To maintain a specific speed given on highway according to the vehicle you are driv  Continue reading ...