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Contacts Of Medical Practitioners And Dentists Board Offices In Kenya

Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board in Kenya has offices located in Woodlands Road, Off Lenana Road in Hurlingham in Nairobi.

The Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board postal address is P.O. Box 44839-00100, Nairobi.

The email addresses of Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board are and info@kenyamedicalboar  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (KEMSA) Offices

Kenya Medical Supplies Agency offices in Nairobi are located on Commercial Street in Industrial area of Nairobi.

The postal address of Kenya Medical Supplies Agency is P.O. Box 47715-00100, Nairobi.

The telephone contacts of Kenya Medical Supplies Agency offices are (020)3922000 and 0202674016. The mobile numbers of the government of Kenya Agency are 0733605600 and 0726618520.

The email address of Kenya Medical Supplies Agency is

Kenya Medical Supplies Agency website is at Continue reading ...

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Ambulance Emergency Telephone Numbers In Nairobi, Kenya

Ambulance in Kenya ................................ 112/999

AMREF Flying Doctors Ambulance Service in Kenya ..... 315454/5

AAR Emergency Ambulance in Kenya ........................ 2717374

Avenue Rescue Services in Kenya ............................. 3743858

Kenya Red Cross Society Ambulance in Kenya ............ (020)3950000

Emergency Plus Medical Services in Kenya .................. 070039539

Phoenix Aviation Limited Ambulance Service in Kenya .. 6005837

Intensive Care Air Ambulance Limited in Kenya ........... 6004945

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Children`s Hospice And Palliative Care Centre In Nairobi: Offering Medical Services For Children In Kenya

In the society today, children have been most vulnerable to most diseases and health problems all over the world. The mostly affected children by these diseases are children from developing countries such as Kenya and those living in disease-prone areas. Children in Kenya lack the way to get to hospitals in Kenya. This has led to increased mortality rates of children in Kenya, especially children below age of five years. This is an alarming death rate in Kenya, and therefore, institutions and medical centres in Kenya have to b  Continue reading ...

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Location Of Aga Khan University Hospital In Nairobi, Kenya

Health facilities in Kenya are considered one of necessary or actually basic need within every society with Kenya. Kenya offers many assisted living facilities ranking from local assisted living facilities in Kenya to international assisted living facilities in Kenya as well as private assisted living facilities in Kenya to public assisted living facilities with just one intention regarding providing health care bills to the Kenyan individuals. The Aga Khan University Hospital in Kenya is just about the major nursing homes in Nairobi that is  Continue reading ...

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Location Of Mama Lucy Hospital In Nairobi Eastlands Area, Kenya

Health in Kenya is ranked as one of the major basic needs which the government of Kenya has tried to meet its demand for many decades now. As one of the pillars of vision 2030 in Kenya, as well as the new constitution, high priority is placed to the provision of health services in Kenya. The mission of the government of Kenya has been to improve both preventive and curative health services to enable Kenyans to engage in productive nation building activities.

Though there are many challenges facing setting up of health facilities in Kenya, one being cost as the population of Kenyan i  Continue reading ...