9 years ago

Embassy Of The Republic Of Kenya In Saudi Arabia

The Embassy of Kenya in Saudi Arabia is located on Riyadh 11693. The postal address of the Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in Saudi Arabia is P.O. Box 94358.

The telephone contact of the Kenya Embassy in Saudi Arabia is 000-966-1-4881238.

The email address of the Embassy is kenya@shaheer.net.sa

Other countries of Accreditation are: Republic of Iraq, The State of Kuwait, Bahrain, Republic of Yemen

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9 years ago

Kenya Embassy In Rwanda

Kenya Embassy in Rwanda is located in Kigali. The postal address of the Kenya Embassy in Kigali is P.O. Box 1215, Kigali, Rwanda. 

The telephone contacts of the Embassy of Kenya in Rwanda are 82774, 82775 and 83146. The Fax details are 000-250-86234.

Other countries of Accreditation include Republic of Burudi

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9 years ago

How To Get To The Village Market In Gigiri Area In Nairobi, Kenya

The village market in Kenya is one of the shopping complexes found within Nairobi centre. Village Market in Nairobi covers over 20,000 square feet in terms of area and houses over 150 stores in Nairobi. The Village market in Kenya accommodates entertainment shops, office rentals as well as popular chain stores.

The Village Market was commissioned by two brothers Hamed and Mehraz Ehsani in 1992, and it opened its doors to the Kenyan public in 1995. The two brothers had the idea to build a shopping and recreation experience for Nairobi residents living wi  Continue reading ...