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Accredited Institutions in Kenya That Offer Diploma in Pharmacy.

 All colleges or institutions that offer or want to offer Diploma in Pharmacy in Kenya must be approved by Kenya pharmacy and poisons board. This is the only board that is recognized by the constitution of Kenya to accredit institutions that offer Diploma in Pharmacy in Kenya.

Diploma in Pharmacy takes duration of three years. If you want to apply for this course, then, it is better to know the institutions that are accredited in Kenya before enrolling for the course because you might fall in an institution that is not registered by the Kenya pharmacy and poison board.  Th  Continue reading ...

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Courses Offered At Makini College

In 1997, Makini College became operational as the tertiary education and training arm of Makini School. Since then it has been on the forefront of providing quality education and has won various accolades in the field of education. In 2000, the college was accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology. The following Diploma courses are offered at Makini College.

Diploma in Digital Marketing

Online marketing has had enormous success in recent years. Both physical and online businesses are embracing digital marketing to stay ahead of   Continue reading ...

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Diploma Courses Offered At Jodan College In Kenya

Although higher education in Kenya is desirable, not everyone is qualified to join a public or a private university. In fact, each year, only about twenty thousand students who sat for the Kenya Secondary Certificate of Education qualify for university. However, a lot of Kenyan students are benefitting from diploma courses offered in various colleges. These courses are often a stepping stone into institutions of higher learning. Jodan College is one college that gives individuals a chance to undertake diploma courses. It offers various diploma courses such as:

Diploma in Se  Continue reading ...

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Professional Courses Offered By Friends College Kaimosi

Kenya is one of the country which has been able to develop their educational sector to the best of their ability. This is because of the available resources that they can be able to mobilize for the better future of the country. It is in Kenya that resources was to be set up for the provision of laptops to children. This was meant for the development of the educational sector to be even wider and more sophisticated as the educational sector was to be combined with and linked with the technological advancement.

All this is done to ensure the best educational materials and techniques   Continue reading ...

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Private Institutions That Offer Diploma In Nursing In Kenya

There are over thirty seven (37) private colleges that train nurses at diploma level in Kenya. They act to supplement the government colleges that also offer diploma in nursing. These private colleges offer courses which have been approved by Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK). Diploma in Nursing in most colleges is known as Kenya registered community health nursing (KRCHN).

The private colleges that offer nursing at diploma level usually have their own hospitals and their students practice from the same hospital. The students who are trained from the private institutions perform well b  Continue reading ...

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Kenya Government Institutions That Offer Diploma In Nursing

Nurses in Kenya constitute to approximately fifty (50%) percent of all health care workers in Kenya. This is because they are very essential in caring of patients and clients in all health care setup (both public and private). The government of Kenya spends a lot of money and resources to train nurses; both certificate and diploma in nursing.

Nursing is the only course in Kenya that takes a long duration of time in Kenya at certificate and diploma level. For instance, certificate in nursing takes approximately two and half years while the diploma in nursing takes three and half year  Continue reading ...

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Kenya School Of Law Diploma Entry Requirement

In Kenya, there are a lot of legal procedures and terms that is required for full and satisfactory modes of life. This needs and involves the legal structures and departments in the country in form of judiciary and law. It has thereby raised the demand of legal and judicial officials for the professional and legal standards in the solving of the matters at hand where Kenya lack or are insufficient.

Institutions have therefore been established to offer the programmes such as Law and related studies. Kenya School of Law is thereby one of the institutions which ensures that it supply t  Continue reading ...

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Various Academic Programmes Offered By Presbyterian University Of East Africa

University education has been in the demand by many of the youths in Kenya as many try to enroll for the vocational courses in order to acquire the vocational skills needed in the job market. These skills enable them therefore to be competitive in the job market as they try to secure the most profitable jobs which will end up been well paying. Apart from jobs, the skills also enable the youths to build up a successful careers of their interest to brighten their future.

This has therefore seen the establishment of many universities and institutions of higher learning for the provisio  Continue reading ...

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Nkabune Technical Training Institute -Certificate and Diploma Programs


Nkabune is a public technical training institute in Kenya. It is located at Nkabune in Meru county. It was established in 1964 by the Consolata sisters with the main objective of training workers and clerks. It was started on the land that used to be a Commercial Girls Institute. The institute is mandated to provide training of in various courses so as to equip the Kenya population with skills and knowledge which help promote self-reliance and creation of job opportunities.

The instiutute provides quality education by ensuring effectiveness, efficacy,  Continue reading ...

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Rwika Institute of Technology- Diploma and Certificate Courses


Rwika Institute of science and Technology is a public institute in Kenya. This institute is located in Embu County at Kiritiri. It was mainly started to produce middle level manpower which is very crucial to the economy of Kenya. Various certificate and diploma courses are offered at various departments in this institute. Rwika Institute of Technology institute aims to developing middle level manpower for development of Kenya; encourage entrepreneurial skills and knowledge for self-reliance and enable the Kenya youth participate in advancement, transmission a  Continue reading ...