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Masters, Undergraduate, Diploma And Doctorate Courses Offered At Daystar University In Kenya

Daystar University in Kenya is a Christian based interdenominational university located in Nairobi. The Daystar University in Nairobi is chartered inter-denominational institution that offers degree and graduate studies in Kenya. Daystar University in Kenya was established as Daystar Communications centre in Kenya in 1967 by an African journalist Motsoko Pheko and an American missionary, Dr. Donald Smith. The Daystar University was established so as to improve techniques that were used in propagating the gospel of Christ. The Daystar communi  Continue reading ...

5 years ago

Where To Enrol For Media-Related Courses In Nairobi, Kenya

There is no doubt that the media industry in Kenya has grown in leaps and bounds over the past couple of years. This is pretty much evident by the fact that many media houses in Kenya have set up base in the recent times, just to beef up the competition. Unlike in the 1990s, when all Kenyans were forced to watch was KBC television and listen to KBC Radio Taifa, things have truly changed over the past one decade. Generally, the 21st century has seen many developments in Kenya, and this means in all facets of life.

The growth in the media industry in Kenya over the past one decade is   Continue reading ...