6 years ago

New Kenya Co-operative Creameries Limited

New Kenya Co-operative Creameries Limited (KCC) has offices in Creamery House along Dakar Road in Nairobi. New Kenya Co-operative Creameries Limited is in Industrial Area of Nairobi.

You can contact New Kenya Co-operative Creameries (New KCC) on email address info@newkcc.co.ke and on their website at www.newkcc.co.ke.

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7 years ago

How To Harness Dairy Farming Capacity In Kenya

You have to agree with me that success in today’s dairy industry in Kenya is volatile and somewhat evanescent. With the give way of the Kenya Cooperative Creameries K.C.C, which was the colossal monopoly in the late 1990’s, there have been efforts to refurbish the dairy sector in Kenya. This was attributed to mismanagement of the sector in Kenya. The government of Kenya, however, reclaimed the assets of this company and made it a parastatal and it is now renamed New K.C.C. The farmers in Kenya believe in the privatization.

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