8 years ago

Crown Paints Kenya Ltd, The Kenya leading Paint Products Manufacturer

Most of the Kenyans have seen the importance and the benefits of investing in the real estate sector. This sector thus involves a lot of building of structures in form of all types and designs of houses which require many equipment through their completion. The major equipment and tools required may include cement, stones, sand, bricks or blocks, iron sheets, pillars, paints and much more tools.

This therefore require the investor or the person trying to build their houses be ready for the provision of all these tools and requirements. The most of the important part in the building   Continue reading ...

9 years ago

Crown Paints Company In Kenya; Providing Elegant Decorative Paints To Kenyans

It is human nature to want to create a favorable impression with our friends, relatives, acquaintances and society as a whole. One way we can do this is by creating a beautiful lasting impression of their first experience in our homes. Many are the times that we spend millions on magnificent architectural designs in Kenya but fail to give an elegant finish in our homes either due to ignorance or misinformation on the type and color of paint we should use. Crown paints Kenya is a company that is always seeking to meet the specific needs and demands of customers in Kenya b  Continue reading ...