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Structure of The Court System in Kenya

Supreme Court

Comprises of the chief justice, vice chief justice,5other judges and the president making a total of about seven members. The court has got exclusive jurisdiction and majority and nearly all issues that pertain the electoral petitions. Hears appeals from the high court and also major tribunals. It can play the role of offering advisory opinion to the national government.

Court of Appeal

It is composed of not less than 12judges.Hears discontents from lower courts combined with various tribunals. It includes conducting operations by acts done within t  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of Visiting Courts In Kenya (Not Permanent Courts)

The Not Permanent courts in Kenya include;

Moyale Court in Kenya postal address P.O. Box 266, Moyale. The telephone contacts of Moyale Visiting Court is 069 2047

Wajir Court in Kenya postal address is P.O. Box 134, Wajir. The telephone contacts of Wajir Visiting court is 046421440.

The Mandera Court in Kenya postal address is P.O. Box 428, Mandera. The telephone contacts of Mandera Visiting Court is 0462079.

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List Of Courts In Kenya

Milimani Law Courts in Nairobi postal address is P.O. Box 30420-00100, Nairobi .................. 0202715927, 0202715929

Makadara Chief Magistrate Courts in Kenya postal address P.O. Box 17172, Nairobi ..............  0208007170

Kibera Sr Magistrate`s Courts in Nairobi postal address P.O. Box 21039, Nairobi ................... 0202357862

Juvinile Resident Magistrate`s Court in Nairobi postal address P.O. Box 30041, Nairobi ..........  0202223471

City Hall Resident Magistrate`s Court postal address P.O. Box 49612, Nairobi ....................... 0202  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of The Judiciary In Kenya

Supreme Court of Kenya can be contacted on their offices in City Hall Way in Nairobi on P.O. BOX 30041-00100, Nairobi.

High Court of Kenya on Taifa Road in Nairobi can be reached on telephone contact (020) 2221 221 and the email address is

The Judicial Service Commission in Nairobi, The Court of Appeal in Kenya, The Registrar of High Court in Nairobi and Chief Court Administrator in Nairobi can be recheached via the telephone number (020) 2221 221.

The Website of the J  Continue reading ...

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How To Get Tennis Facilities In Nairobi. Join Nairobi Club

Are you searching for a sports partner in Kenya? A place where you can get a Membership in Tennis in Kenya? Don’t look any more; I have a place you would like. Nairobi sports club in Nairobi. Nairobi Club is a sports club whose members are given lots of privileges, disposure to a range of state-of-the-art fitness and leisure facilities within the club’s grounds in Kenya. Nairobi Sports Club is located in Upper Hill, Community area in Nairobi. Nairobi Club is near NHIF building, and just along Ragati Road in community area. If you would like to take a ‘matat  Continue reading ...